There is a used one about 90 minutes from me, and I have a few questions about whether I should bother to have a look at it…

  1. What is the difference between a 600X and a 600XL?
  2. I posted a question a couple months ago about how uncomfortably narrow the seat was on my Solstice SS. Someone said the seat on the 700X, while nearly identical dimensions to the Solstice SS, had a broader seat. Does it? Does the 600XL also have a broader seat?
  3. My other complaint about the Solstice SS was getting in and out of it. The 600XL cockpit is 1" longer. Is that going to make much difference? I don’t know, maybe the seat is back an inch or something.
  4. I am rather heavier (like 30 pounds) than the recommended size; but don’t plan on ever carrying significant gear. Any big problems? I suppose I was way overweight for the Solstice as well, but except for my complains above, it was fine.
  5. It has no rudder and I would like one. Is installing it a big problem?

    Thanks much


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of cockpit opening and ease of entry also depends on the height of cockpit / combing opening. There are high volume Current Designs kayaks also. Current Designs also offer a wide base seat which is wider although combing size is the same it helps and I converted all my CD boats to them. QCC decks seem to look lower than Solstice check the specs of both.


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will take time and about 200 in parts. Not sure if end of boat is made for a rudder even though it was not option when made but it could be done. Better to find a ruddered boat.