QCC 700 arrived

After the last Jocassee geet-to-gether I have been haunted by dreams of QCCs. Last week I went to their web site and noticed a demo 700…mulled it over a bit, said to myself ‘you only live once’ and today picked up the kayak.

Con-Way shipping let me open the box and unwrap the kayak before signing—something Yellow Freight would not permit several months ago when i had a motorcycle shipped in. The kayak was flawless except for very very minor scratches on the ‘paddle float rescue’ deck-nothing 303 wont dispell.

I hope to paddle it this weekend on a trip to Ohio and will be comparing it to several other kayaks in the family including a Nordkapp Jubilee, a Neck Looksha II, a Wilderness Systems Arctic Hawk…i dont see a need to compare it to the Sea Lion or the Chinook :slight_smile:

And if I could blame anyone for this purchase it would be BillinPa and WaterJedi

and enjoy the many miles of paddling it will give you.


great choice
My QCC 700 arrived a few months ago. I love the boat. With a GPS and HRM I have a great thing going. Have fun!

So will you give me a test ride
in her whe I come to Chattanooga in three months?

Whether so or no, may she bear you with grace, (and plenty of speed no doubt).

test ride?
would be glad to…3 months is sometime in September?

In September I am free from the 31st to the 6th

and from the 14th to the 20th (i work every other week)…

I am closest to the tri-cities (Johnson City,Kingsport,Bristol) but actually live in the Roan Mountain area…on a small private lake with no jet skiis,master crafts, etc.

So if you want to try before you consider buying I would be glad to offer my lake, boat dock, and kayak…there are usually 8-9 yaks there at any given time so you can try any you want.


Where near Roan Mountain do…
…you live?

I am right at the base of it on the NC side.

You must do some paddling in Watauga Lake off and on.



I hope you enjoy paddling yours as much as I am mine.

I did the same thing, I looked at the list of demo boats. I then started looking at options and colors and the winter sale prices. I wound up buying a new boat built to my specs and working on the price with Phil. I actually did a bit better after all was said and done as compared to the listed demo price. (I did buy two though which likely helped keep the cost down a bit.)

Happy paddling,


Isn’t it wonderful!
It’s like xmas to open up box and have a new kayak in it. Yes, the kayaks are flawless for the price but customer service is not very good. They must be bogged down with orders. Have been after Phil for two weeks can’t get a response.

Anyway, enjoy the boat I am enjoying mine.

Phone or email?
I’ve never had a problem reaching them by phone - but don’t even bother emailing QCC. Odd for an Internet based company (from my perspective) but it is what it is.

Greyak Is Right
I have not had any problems so far with my two QCC’s but I have had a couple of questions. Phil is great on the phone, but slow on the draw with email.


none work lately.

Hey Congrats…

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and welcome to the cult MedicineMan. I didn't think WaterJedi or I twisted your arm THAT hard. I love my 700,and I hope you will too. Does that mean you will be with the fast tour group next time at Jocassee ?. Now you will have to get Heather a 600.
I use automotive clearcoat scratch remover {Mothers}to take out small scratches,and scuff marks. Slightly deeper scratches with 600 grit wet sand paper{go easy},and polish with scratch remover. Deep scratches you will have to live with,or gel coat.Looking forward to paddling with you in the future,and checking out your 700.Good Luck,and may the force be with you!

Happy Paddling billinpa

thanks to all and whahoooo
to you BillinPa, and yes do hope to paddle with the fast group the next time…and speaking of—when is the next Jocassee get-to-gether? or maybe a paddlenet get-to-gether and paddle to someplace like Cumberland Island or the other one close whose name escapes me???

Congrats MM!
You’ll enjoy her for many years!

Clearcoat Scratch Remover
Slightly OT, but thanks for the mention of this. My purple QCC700 shows a number of paddle strikes, from my desire to go as vertical and close to the centerline of the boat as possible on the catch. 303 didn’t work, so I’ll give this a try, and then cover the beaten areas with clear plastic film used on motorcycle number plates. Put this stuff on the back roof of my vehicle where boats sometimes slide and scuff in loading/unloading. Works like a charm, but for whatever reason, didn’t think to do same for the boat.

a few scratches gives your kayak
character. Remember that besides being a beautifully formed piece of kevlar, it is also a tool. Hopefully, no one will see the bottom of my hull anyway whilst I am in the water.

Are you provoking?
You know somebody will make a comment about you not wanting to show the bottom of your boat while in the water, don’t you?


Keeping Things Nice
I’m guilty; I take excellent care of my ‘toys.’ While it in no way stops me from viewing them as tools, or using the heck out of them, I maintain them as best I can. Scratches on the hull are de rigeur; they happen. Scratches on the decks on a dark colors are readily apparent. Paddle strike often enough in the same place and you’re through the gelcoat (rather thin on a QCC as compared to my Explorer for example), and down to the carbon/kevlar. A sheet of heavy duty plastic film keeps it looking new. Whenever I sell a ‘toy,’ the buyer always marvels at the shape it’s been kept in. I get higher $$ and the buyer’s ecstatic. Win/win all the way, and as long as I can balance the time spent spitshining, etc., everyone’s happy.

Well, I was about to - but Jim already knows all about his inversion aversions - so maybe I’ll just show off my (kayak’s) shiny white bottom instead!

Jim’s kayak is the same on either side anyway - white - and doesn’t show scratches anywhere near what the darker one’s do. My light grey deck is the same way. I suspect he’d be more conscious/concerned about what Trilobite02 mentioned if he had a similar color deck. It makes a big difference.

I hope you enjoy your new QCC!

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Medicinman. I've not paddled a 700 yet. Billinpa has offered a test drive in his several times, but I havent taken him up on it yet. I'm not real happy with the backband and seat in my 500, but thanks to TrippS I know what to get to fix it. BTW I took Doug up to Jocassee on memorial day weekend and we paddled up to the campsites at the end of the Toxaway and camped for two nights. We saw very few paddlers which was very odd, and the few we did talk to had never seen a QCC before.

Let us know how she works out for you.