QCC 700 Cockpit Mods??

Recently, there was a thread that GreyYak started talking about rolling his Q700. I have not rolled my 700 but I am preparing as I am waiting for my water to warm up a bit. I am reading about everything that I can find about rolling in general.

My question is, did you folks that have rolled the 700 modify your cockpit? I am thinking about how I will flop around in the cockpit and considering hip blocks and knee blocks.



Cockpit tweaks
This is a highly personal thing and has to be done based on your size and what you want to do.

Here’s what I’ve done (5’9 - 200# - probably 25" thighs - which should explain why such minimal paddling works for me):

First: I got rid of the seat it came with (yuk! Nice recliner for a rec boat - but in a sea kayak?!) and installed an Immersion Research Reggie 2.0 back band, a smaller narrow white water type. I sit on the raw seat pan.

I experimented with hip pads - several types/sizes - but turns out I don’t need them. I have at most 1/2" on either side - probably less. Just enough for mobility. If you have a lot more room than that - use flat pads on the seat posts to close the gap a bit (don’t need to be wedged or hooked in like WW).

I also expected to need more aggressive thigh bracing. Something hooking over my thigh more. I didn’t. What I ended up with were simple 1/2" pads under the braces (see pics). Minor change - but it brings the deck down just enough. I have room to pump legs and move around - and instant contact with the brace when needed.



Sorry - can’t find the pic showing one pad from below.

These little things helped general paddling and rolling considerably.

My biggest mod (done after I was already rolling a bit) - I moved my seat 3" forward. You probably can’t do without screwing up your boat’s trim so I certainly can’t recommend it for new (gen 3) 700 paddlers. Sorry new owners - you miss out on a whole new experience! (any gen 2 paddlers that like to roll - highly recommended!!! Improves rough water handling and speed too - but gen 3 paddlers already have that). Now I can do laybacks - and am under the thigh braces better!! Much easier to roll and a ton more fun on sloppy water as I can lean back and to the sides easier and dance the boat more.

More explanation on the seat move (and why you shouldn’t do it): My second generation 700 has the cockpit 3" aft of where it is on current production - so my seat move actually put it where yours already is, but coaming is 3" aft.


Actually - after the seat move - I left the seat posts unattached - and they are mostly behind me now - meaning I should be looser in the seat, but I honestly haven’t noticed any slop or any negative effect on rolling (quite the opposite). I seem to mainly lock in at these points: Feet on braces, thighs under braces, butt on seat pan, and hips/lower back on backband. I don’t think about side contact much - and probably flop to whichever side I’m coming up on a little.

I’d like to try to roll a stock 700 - unpadded and with sloppy seat - to see the difference so I can appreciate just how spoiled I am and how bad my rolls really are!). Maybe Jim will hook me up at Virginia Key some weekend.

Thanks for posting your fixes and pics. I am close but a little differant, I am 6’0" and I bounce between 185 and 190. Sitting in the cockpit I have a bit more than 2" on either side between my hips and the edge of the seat frame. I never seem to slosh around but wonder what will happen when I capsize or roll. I think the thigh pads are going to be a help for me as my natural position seems best without positve contact on the thigh braces, (I believe they are too high). I have also read about knee pads under the top deck. I have not checked but I dont think my knees have ever reached the deck.

Nice idea and mount for your water bottle. So far I am carring a small collapsable six pack cooler and I can stuff four sixteen ounce water bottles in there. And I carry one on the fore deck.

I still have lots of outfitting to complete, but Im taking my time so I can minimize double purchases. Cockpit pads are high on my list.

I do hope you and Jim do get a paddle or two down in the Keys. I have been down there several times over the years, mostly diving, but, sailed from Tampa around and back up to Norfolk one year. I spent a week Key hopping during that trip.

thanks again,


Water bottle?
That’s my under deck bag. Super item. Clips in and out. Big enough to hold two 24 oz sport bottles, lunch, and more. I rarely carry water bottles though. Hydration pack is so much better and holds 100 oz. Only carry bottles mid-Summer for backup when I tap all 3 liters from the pack on longer than 3 hour paddles - or for drink variety. I used to throw tea bags in bottles and make sun tea on my SOT. Good tea - good sunburns too. Now I have pale legs year round and cycle between full strength Gatorade, half strength, and plain water with the seasons.

I’m as curious as you are what others have done to their 700s - but you may not get too many responses. Most paddle flat water - or race and want open cockpits. Even though it’s a snap to roll - I get the impression not many take advantage of it. I know of several who also got rid of the seat and put in backbands (same or a similar one from NSI) but other than that most seem to be left stock as far as fit goes.

For more rolling and outfitting advice - see what the Brit kayak paddlers do (and anyone else in other sea kayaks - that actually use them as sea kayaks). That group has more rollers and outfits accordingly (but may be less distance oriented too - and pad a little more snugly than I find I need). Their boats have similar beam and foredeck heights to yours (21" x 12"). Padding done in those with keyhole cockpits will be more applicable to your needs than the ocean cockpit ones.