QCC 700 Feathercraft Rudder Conversion

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Would like to thank both gjgf12 and water_walker, http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1279481
whose posts have got me thinking about how to convert the Feathercraft rudder on my 2007 QCC 700 to a fixed foot brace rudder system.

Bit of background: both my other two kayaks, an Enlightened Kayaks T-16 and a Prijon Kodak, have fixed foot brace rudder systems.

The T-16’s Kajak-Sport Navigator rudder has performed well. The reliability of the Kajak-Sport pivoting rudder pedals proved to be quite another matter:

These large, foot-shaped, gas-pedal type rudder pedals had a poor angle of throw, and were crudely constructed of plywood. At 2 months after purchase of the boat, one of the connectors that hold the pedals to the rail bracket failed. Mike Steines, owner of Enlightened Kayaks and always a delight to deal with, immediately replaced the pedal.

Ultimately ended up retro-fitting a set of Sea Dog pivoting rudder control foot braces:
Unfortunately I also ended up being a beta test site for the just introduced Sea Dogs system’s
teething troubles, and without the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty interventions of Chuck
Leinweber of Duckworks Boat Builders with the manufacturer, I might still not have a
rudder system on the T-16 that I could trust. There was one final issue with the T-16’s rudder
system. To allow for rudder cable tension adjustment, a piece of nylon cord connects to the rudder pedal and engages with a plastic cleat that is connected to the rudder cable. The cleat did not provide a secure connection; wrapping duct tape around the cleat proved to be the solution to that problem.

The Kodiak’s Balanced Wing rudder may look a bit strange; but what other rudder could you detach from your kayak and then use the rudder to filet a fish?

The Kodiak’s connection between the rudder pedal and the rudder pedal is easy to adjust and has proven to be robust in the field:
A picture of a similar type of rudder pedal connection hardware can be found on PXT Kayak’s site:

There are some other great rudder systems out there; and if I were starting from scratch, I would definitely consider Pat’s rudder and foot brace system: http://www.onnopaddles.com/components.html

Has anyone converted a Feather Craft type rudder to a fixed foot brace (i.e. gas pedal) system using the Sea Dogs pivoting rudder control foot braces? My concern is the connection between the rudder cable the foot pedal. I need to keep a small adjustment in the pedals to allow for my cold vs. warm weather footwear. The 700 is not a loaner boat, so the pedal adjustment will not need to be large.

Any information/ suggestions would be much appreciated.


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that someone would have pity on this old man and just post what you are trying to say with out sending me all over hell and back !!!

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Um, even going from barefoot to heavy soled winter boots would be maybe a 1/4" difference, most foot braces adjustments are much more coarse than that between adjustments. Not sure I see the problem. Anything thicker soled than that doesn’t belong in a kayak to start with.

Bill H.

You’re Right
This morning went out to ther boat shed and tried various footwear combinations in all three boats.

With the T-16, Navigator rudder and retro-fitted Sea Dogs rudder pedals, the connection between the end of the rudder cable and the foot pedal is a nylon cord that fits into a cleat attacted to end of rudder cable. Appears that I’ve finally got all the “stretch” out of the nylon connector cord this season, so any adjusting between footwear can easily be handled by adjustiong the foot pedals.

When I retrofit the QCC 700 (currently using Yakima rails and pedals), unless I change rudder cables, it appears I will need some sort of connection between the end of the rudder cable and the new rudder pedals.

I will call Duckworks today to get Chuck’s imput.

Thank you.