QCC 700 in Central SC?

I had my first yak experience today on a rented Necky Gannett. The biggest problem was that I could not keep my legs under the deck due to back pain from my back problem. I did the 3 hour trip with my knees bent up in the cockpit above the deck. QCC said that some racers are beginning to use this position. It means keeping the paddle higher (above my knees).

Is there anyone in Central SC with a QCC 700 that would be willing to let me give it a short trial? Phil from QCC suggested this.

neo from SC

Yeah, it works
I paddle a Q700 and have put my kness up on a few occasions to give some relief to my lower back after several hours without standing. It works fine for the back but the balance becomes more difficult in rough waters when your legs are pulled up like that.

On smooth water, it is not a problem.

By the way, I have read that kayaking is actually good for the back.

how central?
I live in wedgefield. I often go to Weston lake on FT-Jax though. Tommorrow i will probbbaly be on the edisto.

Swedge - Meet on Edisto?

Phil at QCC really want me to try a 700. I live in Chapin but could meet you. Would love to try your boat for 5-10 min.

The earlier post mentioned stability problems with legs up. I am light (160-70) pounds for this yak so may not be a problem for me.

With a skeg, where is the box located?

Can we meet?

Can I hop in here…
I have a 700. I am 5’9" and weigh 155 pounds.

I cannot visualize paddling for much more than a few strokes with knees bent up in the cockpit.

Maybe it is my old age, and my bone on bone in one knee, but I can just about bend my knees to get them in the yak.

Then how would you lean, etc?

If you are only a few hours from Charlotte, I’ll be at Mountain Island Lake toward the end of June, and you can try mine if it doesn’t work out with you meeting Swedge.



No problem
I will be at Canadys boat landing accross from Coloton SP tommorow around 8:30 ish, however if you want to wait a few days a friend of mine and my self will probbally be heading to Weston lake on FT-Jax for some roll practice.

I paddle Knees up all the time, mater of fact I wedge a seal line inflatable thigh brace under my legs to help hole them up. Works great for me. But Knees up for isnt much maybe a Two inch difference.

QCC 700 trial
Please contact me. I sent you an email.

I am at work
so i wont get it tell 1600

my 700 does NOT have thigh braces

to Swedge
No thigh braces is great because that is what QCC (Phil) and I are talking about since more cockpit room.

Please call me when you get home or email me your phone # and I will call you at a time of your choosing.

with knees up, I mean up, under deck, I am to big to pull knees up in the cockpit!! I have to get in and out both leggs/knees at a time!

More cockpit room?
Hey Swedge, I must be missing something here. If you keep your knees in (below coaming) - braces or no braces make no difference in cockpit space - only with ease of entry and exit (and for me that’s not much different).

My perspective: I’ve paddled both cockpits and really prefer the braces. Only way I wouldn’t want them is in a boat with a cockpit big enough for real knees up (above the rim) paddling for max rotation (ala WSBS), aka: race boat.

In regards to back comfort, I have plenty of knee bend with knees in (but I’m only 5’9"). Puts me in a very comfortable and stable position. Several hours straight in the cockpit, and I step out more flexible than when I got in.

Unless you are quite flexible and boat is set up just right, bringing the knees too far up could make you lean back (preventing rotation and locking you up), or your hips to tilt (taking the lower vertebrae out of vertical alignment). Both not good for lower back under exercise load. Maintaining upright posture is key to maintaining and improving back health.

Use a cart on land too - until your back’s much stronger Neo. The picking up/putting down is most likely to get you. Be very aware of wind and your footing when doing this.

Your situation is unique - hopefully a test paddle will clarify some things.

I might recommend the skeg for someone with back trouble too, as you have less to coordinate with your feet and can replace the small hard pegs with some more substantial foot bracing surface for more comfort and control. Allows for a more stable lower body for better lower back support.

If you do get a Q700, and do go with a skeg, take a look at what I’ve done for foot bracing. No more pesky foot pegs. Amazing difference in comfort. Happy feet = happy back.

One view:


See “Kayak Outfitting” and “Minicell cockpit filler/footbracing” albums for more info:


I’ve got to chip in here…
Paddling with your knees out of the cockpit for an extended amount of time because you’re not comfortable with them under the deck is, IMO, a BAD piece of advice. Not only will it be difficult to paddle with your knees out of the cockpit, but your balance will be affected and bracing in rough water, boat wakes, etc will be all but impossible.

On occasion, I will slide my knees up one at a time through the cockpit opening for a minute or two to change position, but for Phil to have suggested it as a fix because of a physical problem surprises me!


I am beginning to wonder as well.
When I did that trial yesterday I had to paddle holding the paddle high in the air above my knees. This was not easy.

I just learned of Hobie’s peddle/paddle/sail kayaks and am wondering if this would be best for me. They look very strange.

How about…

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Have you tried a recreational type kayak....yeah, yeah, I know they're nothing like a QCC, but at least you're out on the water. Plenty of room in those cockpits (Pungo, America,etc) to raise your knees whenever you want. I sometimes paddle for a short distance with my feet outside the cockpit, on the deck. Not very effective, but sure is a laid back way to go, and a good stretch for the ole legs.

If you cannot get under a gannet

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a 700 will drive you bonkers. Much less cockpit space. Perhaps a 500 or a serenity sport from impex or a assataegue (impex as well). Yes the gannet has a 12 inch deck and the qcc is 12.5 but the qcc deck is peaked and the width is much smaller. I would not drive far to try one if I were you.

Rob Roy by Bell
This is my current boat of interest for the back/knees problem:




It is a boat that is in the grey area between canoes and kayaks. It has a much bigger cockpit which should solve my back problem. It is only 35#.

I’d rather have a Tarpon 160
I think. Same width, plus ease of SOT remount. Swimmings good for back too, right?

A T arpon is a good solution esp if
you are paddling in the salt .A better one is a solo canoe if you paddle lakes and rivers. There aren’t many of those that I’ve seen in SC. I bought mine sight unseen and really like it.