QCC 700 mods,links to pics

I’ve recieved several e-mails asking about the emergency hatch we installed on the QCC 700.

I’ve long touted its utility and that it is a favorite feature on a Lincoln Eggemoggin I paddle.

Here are links to pics of the mod:



The pics are at our RV forum and since they are not RV related wont be there for long.

If any have questions on this mod dont hesitate to ask.


Merry Christmas Medcineman
Hi Robert,

Good pictures. I am part way through a similar project, born at your previous discussions.

I am doing some cockpit mods and will finish my emergency hatch over the holidays. I made a cardboard templete for a box. It is odd shapped being narrower and deeper at the front, but is generally 3.5" deep, 14" long, and 6-12" wide. It has a 3/4" flange at the top that mates with the contour of the under cockpit deck. I am going to glass in 8 nuts under the cockpit deck to accept eight thumb bolts that will go through the flange. The upper side of the flange will have a compression gasket to seal on the under deck. I bought a 5 inch round screw in type hatch from West Marine. Just have to glass the cardboard, nuts, and install the hatch.

BTW- The TDI has the new software installed now. It seems to be working great. I think there is a bit more smoke when you get into it. I goes like a rabbit now. Next step is the new fifth gear.

Merry Christmas and Happy Paddling


Hey Mark!
and whooohoo for you and your QCC Mod! It is such a great mod for those wanting things close at hand without cluttering up the deck.

Also kudos on the TDI, i’ve done nothing with mine so far other than stock.

Merry Christmas!!