QCC 700 Speed

I’ll be at the firehouse. Thanks for the envite though.

On your first two; I can do the same
and if I was racing could probably hold about a 5.7 or so for ten miles , but I could not hold a 5.4 for all day .

On several recent six mile races I have been just at or under 6.0.



5.4 is probably high
I was just estimating it from how I felt on a 7 mile paddle. A lot of things have to change for me to paddle all day. These changes are usually things that make me slower. We will see as I get better and race some. You never really know where you are at until you race a little with real paddlers.

I am a 56-year-old man weighing 180 lb. and 5’8”. That makes me 15 to 20 pounds over weight. For the past 10 months, I have been paddling my QCC 700 in carbon. For the last 6-½ months, I have been using an Epic mid wing with a blue shaft. I have modified the smart trac rudder by raising the housing 1” and replacing the blade with a tandem blade cut down to 4”. My paddling is generally on flat water with light winds, from none to a max of 20 mph. I have sprinted to 8.5 mph. I can only do this for a very short time in perfect conditions. My course is 6.5 miles with 11 tight 180 turns and 16 90-degree turns. I slow down considerably in those turns, 2 mph in the 180s and 3-4 in the 90s. My max times are typically in the low to mid 7 mph ranges. My moving average is 5.3 to 5.6 mph.

For the past two weeks, I have been paddling on Flanders Bay into the Great Peconic Bay, on Eastern Long Island, NY. The conditions here are as follows: shallow waters, 1-2 feet to 8’, choppy, confused waters of about 1’ with wakes from boat traffic reaching cresting 2’ and winds has high as 25 mph. Not exactly, what I am used to! Yesterday, I paddled out 6.44 miles in 1 hour for a total of 10.7 miles with an average speed of 5.4 mph. and a total time of 2 hours. I was tired but managed to take friends out for another 3-mile trip in fairly rough conditions. Then I was tired!

From your description of yourself, I think, once you have become comfortable with your new boat, you should get great results.

Good luck and happy paddling.


Had mine to 15 mph, serious
I frequently have caught waves to 8 - 12 mph in my QCC700. Then one day I jumped from a wind wave to a ocean swell and caught a ride that registered at 15 mph on my GPS.

I cruise for 3 - 4 hours at 5.8 - 6.2 mph, depending on sea state and my conditioning. I use a wing paddle and full-time rudder. I am 5’-9" weigh 205 lbs and am in only mediocre shape. My technique is better than my level of fitness.

Those that say one can expect to averager 2.5 - 3 mph in a sea kayak are peddling/paddling the wrong equipment if they care at all about speed, range and efficiency.

Jack, do you have—

the same sort of numbers for your Epic 18?

Belton where were you
I expected to see you at Lake Lanier for the big G_K Challenge II. You missed the party.

Come visit me on the Chattahoochee. All my trips are free now. See you on the water.


I don’t have any numbers for the
Epic 18.

That is my daughters boat. I tried it out and it felt the exact same as my QCC 700.

For what it is worth: The Epic 18’s Sealine rudder is much higher out of the water (about 3") than the 700, so there should be quite a bit less drag there.

Also the Epic 18 has a moving seat so the trim of the boat can be adjusted.