QCC 700 Speed

I just took my new 700 Carbon/Kevlar out with a gps. Second time on the water. Are these speeds where most people are at with these boats? I am using a wing paddle but am just learning proper form. I am not new to the water but new to this boat. Just curious.

Full Sprint- 7.3

Fast Cruise- 6.2

All day speed- 5.4

Sounds about right
. . . and you’re doing very well if you are just learning the wing. Once you get the wing stroke refined a bit, watch out!

Unit of measure
Are those nautical miles, statute miles or kilometers per hour? Big difference.

OK if I concentrate
My muscle memory is terrible at this point. What I am going to try to do is slow down my stroke and concentrate on my form instead of speed. Hopefully my muscle memory will kick in and then I can ramp up the speed later.

I was just curious about what to expect from the boat. At about 7 I noticed it seems to be approaching the dreaded wall.

Just plain old mph ground speed. Just like in a car.

Give it more time to see.
If your top sprint is 7.3 (it will likely go up a bit as you get used to boat/paddle) I’m not sure you’ll hold that 6.2 fast cruise for long (how long are you thinking you can “fast cruise”?) - and how may miles do you expect to cover on at an “all day” pace of 5.4?

I’m not very fast and have sprinted my 700 to 7.5 with Greenland and Aleut paddles. I consistently hold a 5+ mph average with same paddles over an 18 mile loop I do at least a few times a year. I’d be pretty happy if I could get that average up to 5.4 or so.

A faster/stronger/lighter paddlers might hold over 6mph over similar distance - certainly over 10 miles or less for some better paddlers. Not me, at present weight/fitness. Hull is not the limit.

The fast cruise I could probably hold for 30 to 45 minutes. The 5.4 I think I could do for several hours. I felt like the effort was equal to my other boat at 4.5 and I did 25 miles one day like that. I think if I stretch it to 6 hours or more it would likely drop some. It is hard to say and depends a lot on the cardio shape I am in.

I guess I am in the ballpark and that is what I wanted to know. The bad thing is the improvements in speed from this point are harder and harder to come by. Like my road bike, the faster I get the harder it is to get faster.


You Are Faster Than I Am
I can get up to 7.5 for a short sprint. I can average just over five for an hour. A multi hour cruise speed for me is in the 4’s. Hard to compare as my paddling is primarily in waters that have current and we seem to always have wind. So an average paddle might include periods that I am paddling like heck and making 2mph across the ground or periods where I am paddling easy and making 6-7mph across the ground.

makes me feel good to
to see your all day average 5.4 because I average close to same in the QCC with a GP.

No doubt in better shape and lighter…
… so yeah, quite reasonable - and you’ll likely get more.

good point
A faster/stronger/lighter paddlers might hold over 6mph over similar distance

I tip the scales at 220. You guys?

and I figure it robs me a few tenths at least on displacement alone (more hull in the water and more water to push) regardless of fitness.

Fitness matters more though. If you’re a solid 220 over 6’ and in good shape it’s a different deal than being a 220 5’9" weekend warrior at best like me!

I am 180lbs but am in pretty good shape. I run about 15 miles a week, road bike about 60 a week and mountain bike about 30 miles a week. Paddling takes different muscles but I do have the cardio. I just need to build the muscle memory and build up my core muscles. Even though I do the above my sides (lats) are a little tired from my paddle yesterday.

I am just learning the wing but frankly I am not sure that a wing is an all day paddle. It requires me to keep my hands higher which tires my arms more. When I am paddling all day I like to keep my hands low to save energy. Of course it is slower but that is what it takes for me to put in high miles.

I have a lot to learn…

460 miles in 2 days

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Not me, but a NPMB'er. Facinating story.
Andrew was hitting 14 mph.!!!!

Not only could I never do that, I don’t think I would ever want to. That is unreal.

I paddled a QCC 700 10mph
HaHaHa Gotcha!!! only kidding.

I had to throw something in here. I haven’t even seen a QCC, don’t know anything about them so don’t go challenging me.

This was a joke, so laugh and keep on paddlin’


There you are
I was waiting for you and you came through.

I tried not too
The devil made me do it.

BTW we are doing a 27 mile paddle July 21st if you’re interested.

OCC 700 Speed
I’m 6’3" and 205 and I am new this season to kayaking. I just did a 6.4 ave. for 6 miles in a lake with 3 180 degree turns. I hit 8.4 in a sprint. In the same kayak I kept 7.1-7.4 for a half mile. (The first half mile). I have a Onno wing paddle.