QCC 700 spray skirt

I am sure that this topic is adressed in the archives of this forum but my patience ran out while trying to find something. I have a new QCC 700 in route to me in Florida and am curious what spray skirt you QCC paddlers like for this model?


Snap Dragon

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It has saved our butts on some rough seas, on several occasions.
The model my wife and I like is the "Glacier Trek"

Jack L

Call them.
They sell a Snapdragon that fits.

The 700’s a pretty popular boat, all the skirt makers have a skirt that fits.

Bill H.

Various Sizes of Seals

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Extreme Tour skirt have worked well on all three of my kayaks, as well as on Rebecca's QCC 400:


Seals has been a great company to deal with through the years.

Snapdradron also manufactures nice products:


A different take … IMO

I would go for the lightest, UNCOATED all nylon skirt.

Just enough to keep the big stuff out. Easier to put on off / out on the water. And its cooler for down there.

Bonus is these things are cheap.

We put ours on and off in the water
while sitting in the yak.

Lots of times it stays on the front deck, rolled up, but it’s always there for when the wind and waves kick up, or for on long open crossings, or on heading through rips.

Jack L

IR Excursion

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I've been using an IR Excursion touring skirt on a Q400 and am really liking it. Its neoprene deck is only 1 or 2 mm thick, so is quite cool on hot days. It is very stretchy and seals well.

All QCC cockpits are the same size, by the way - the IR sizing info puts QCC on the cusp of Medium and Large. I have a Large and think a Medium would be too tight (those IR guys are white water crazy people, after all). I like the IR better than the Snapdragon Glacier Trek breathable skirt I've used on another boat for the past 4 years.