QCC 700 Sprayskirts

I would like to get the most current recommendation for a sprayskirt for the 700. Although I am a novice and stay on a small lake that has only geese to generate waves, I am looking into a sprayskirt. Here is what I have been looking at. I expect to go with neoprene for a tighter fit and be more water tight. I believe they are warmer.

Snap Dragon Ocean Trek

Snap Dragon Glacier Breathable

Either one of them
in medium fits on the 700 well.

Only diff

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I have a Glacier Breathable for one boat and a Snapdragon WW skirt with a neo tunnel. I think that they are both reinforced around the edge now, so that's the same. (Though my older not-reinforced Glacier is hardly showing any damage from rescue practice.)

The biggest difference I see between these two is that the first has an all-neo tunnel and the second a breathable fabric tunnel with a velcor collar around the waist. The neo tunnel, if it fits you nice and tight, will probably be slightly more waterproof in the face of a lot of rolling than the other one. But are you planning to be doing enough of that for a while that a slight diff in how much water gets into the cockpit matters? Probably not. Even in my WW boat, which is one of the wetter rides around in these things, it takes about 45 minutes of steady sideways and upside down in the pool before I really feel like I have to get out and dump water.

A properly tight neo tunnel will have you doing a really interesting shimmy to get the thing on, and you may find that you have to regularly get the skirt wet fist in order to get it around your hips. This isn't big stuff, but some might find it annoying unless there is a feature of the neo tunnel that is critical for their paddling. You may find that to be the case down the road, which will argue for the neo tunnel. Right now, either would do.

fabric tunnel
love mine, much more comfortable for touring, and allows for easier rotation. i roll a lot with mine too, and there’s no real difference in the amount of water that gets in. great skirt, the comfort factor is worth it.

Your primary issue
seems to be warmth, but I question where are located and when do you plan on doing the majority of your paddling? Most novices I know who are paddling flatwater lakes are not doing it in the winter, nor are they concerned with rolling as those skills (as valuable as they are) are not a necessity. It doesn’t sound like you need a high-end, bomb-proof skirt. That being said, unless you’re in a place where the water only goes from cold to frozen, you can get away with a less expensive (and more comfortable) nylon skirt. In the summer, unless conditions warrant, I will often try to get away without a skirt because it can often be too hot. For the record, I have an 700 outfitted with an Seals Extreme Tour (rougher water). I’ll warrant that this is too much skirt for you. My gearhead friend is happy with his Seals Mariner, but I am looking at the Seals Tropical Tour (waterproof/breathable) for summer paddling when I should be wearing a skirt. Understand, I believe Snapdragon makes an excellent product. I use Seals. That’s what makes horse races. Try to think about where, how and when you plan on paddling. Look ahead too, maybe later you’ll decide winter paddling on a flat lake is good for the soul (hint). End use should dictate purchase. Good luck. I doubt you can go wrong.

One is as good as the other
except the latter has a strap across the deck which is nice for holding down stuff.

I have a 700 and have one of each.



very happy with
Seals Extreme Tour skirt on my QCC 700: neo deck with breatheable tunnel.

You know where you paddle now. And I am assuming that since you purchased a QCC 700, you might be planning to someday evolve your current paddling goals.

Another consideration, if your previous experience has included rotomolded boats and low end skirts, getting a skirt with a neo deck on and off a composite boat is a bit of a different experience.

That said, my 2 cents: get a good skirt with a neo deck with a breathable fabric tunnel.