QCC-700 Vs Epic 18x sport

Has any one raced them both and what do you think is the fastest?

I noticed that the Epic is 22" wide where the QCC is 21" wide


My guess goes to the Epic 18X
I see a lot more of them at races, but the truth is the difference is the paddler in boats that are this similar. My guess is that you will be faster in the boat that is most comfortable and ergonomically set up to fit you best.

1" makes a difference and it was built to be fast.

Waterline width is what matters.
Both boats are too big for me.

My Epic 16X flares out from the waterline. Not sure about the other models.

Just remember . . .

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Beam is not the same as waterline beam. Beam at waterline is what counts in determining speed. Looking at the Epic website, I notice that the Epic 18X Sport has the same overall beam as the Epic 18X, but the Epic 18X is 3/4 inch narrower at waterline.

Amount of rocker, weight of the boat, and -- as others have mentioned -- paddler and comfort level in the boat are other important factors to consider. My rough calculations using http://mackroforum.proboards.com/thread/725/kayak-hull-speed-calculator show that for an 18 foot boat (assuming 17.5 feet waterline length) an additional 1 inch of beam might lead to a difference of about 0.1 mile per hour.

open water
Presuming you are racing on open water, the handling qualities will affect speed more than small differences in waterline length and beam. I have no idea which is faster in a sea way with a cross wind, and probably neither does anyone else.

Ergonomics too
The QCC has, at least for my height and long legs, a traditional seakayak fit. The Epic has a more “racing” fit, with cockpit ergonomics more appropriate for racing. That alone will give it some advantage in some cases. The QCC I think has more rocker and a flatter hull - I think it is livelier and more interesting to paddle in bumpy conditions, where the Epic might be marginally faster on flat water with its more rounded hull and less rocker. I don’t fit well in either of them, so I’ve only test-paddled them for brief periods of time though, so take my impressions for what they are…

which one is of better quality and which
one has better warranty? Where are they constructed? For day paddles where one wants to cover longer distances and faster in Florida rivers and Gulf Coast, which one of the two? Paddler is 5’8", 195 lbs, fit and comfortable in chop.

If you are actually racing
Get the Epic.

If you want a durable sea kayak you can race get the QCC.

The motors training will make the biggest difference.