QCC 700

I am ready to buy a used QCC 700. I had ordered a 600 from Phil 2 weeks ago & he advised me for my size 5’8" 155lbs that the 600 is the right fit.

Would any one know wy the 700 might not be a good fit for me?


Robert G

…you are kind of beating this to death or you are a troll!

But for what it is worth, Phil is right. The 700 will be too much volume for you and the 600 is the boat you should buy.

As a matter of fact go check the classifieds. I have just the ticket for you there.



Hey Jack
Let me know how it goes with Nanci’s previous ride. I still have not decided for sure, but I may want to do the same thing. Good Luck!


Take it down to the WB race…
…and leave on the roof of your car with a “for sale” sign on it.

I have seen a lot of people do that and sell their boats that way.

As a matter of fact, if mine doesn’t sell that is what I might do.

Just make sure you put yours a few hundred dollars higher!!!



listen to phil
I am 5-6 and 170 so Phil told me the 600 and the 400 were the right size for me. I picked the 400 only because I was mostly interested in fishing from it with kayak camping 2nd. He did not advise the 700 for my weight/height but if I was into a fast paddling kayak probably would have made it fit somehow.

You really have to ask yourself what you intend to use the boat for and what conditions will you be using it in.

Hi Robert G
You might also want to look at ONNO’s new Tideline Mermaid. It should be a really good boat. If Patrick would make a bigger version with a little move volume (think camping), I’d buy it in a minute…Patrick, are you listening?

Good Luck!


Tideline Link:http://eteamz.active.com/paddleshop/news/index.cfm?cat=204584

you’re 5’8" and 155lbs,

then again the QCC300 might be just the thing

Robert, ask JackL …
…, if the 600 is so much better for smaller guys, why he doesn’t sell his 700 and move into Nanci’s 600?

He’s smaller than you and can paddle either, yet he’s selling their 600 and keeping his 700. Hmm…

Posted in case you missed his sales pitch and took him seriously.

I am an inch taller and have ten pounds
on Robert.

You are shooting out false statistics.

Not sure why ???



I’m Still Trying To Figure Out…
what Robert didn’t like about the Tempest 165.

Talk to me, Brother Robert. Was it the lack of a rudder?

Not fast enough for ya?

Come on now… I’m not the devil, remember.

Sorry - thought you in his range

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- and had you same or shorter - but close in weight. At least also in the size range Phil normally points toward 600s. My bad (but you're defintely not a big guy despite size of heart and speed potential!).

If you really think +/- 1" and 10 lbs puts him out of a 700 - guess it's good you pass that along.

to the cult! May your 700 give you many miles of paddling enjoyment.