Qcc 700x approximate value


I have a mint condition Qcc 700x that I may sell. I see they are no longer in business. I’m wondering what the list price for the 700x was prior to Qcc closing? Just trying to figure out what it’s worth. Thanks d

Some more detail would help. What’s the construction? Fiberglass/kevlar/carbon-kevlar/carbon? Does it have a rudder or skeg? What year was it made (i.e., last two digits of the hull number)? What’s your location? Are you near the ocean where a buyer might want a fast, high-capacity touring kayak?


Kevlar/carbon. approximately 7 years old, don’t have access to hull number. Rudder/compass. Near lake Superior.


I’m no expert, and for myself I dredge for bargain boats. But my guess is if you found just the right buyer who wants a kayak just like that, you might get $2000 (in season, not in the middle of winter). But realistically, if you want it to sell within a reasonable time like a few months, I’d think maybe $1500-$1600 as an asking price. But others here may have better advice.

I googled “qcckayaks Q700 pricing” and found this 2013 webpage with a full carbon version on sale for 2900 vs retail of 4100. A kevlar/carbon version would have been several hundred less, I think.


Spend some time searching, you may find more info.

Here’s another website with a bunch more asking prices for QCC kayaks. I think the original retail pricing for the 500X, 600X and 700X was about the same, so any of those would give a good price comparison. But of all the example sale prices you’ve seen, you don’t know which if any sold, and what prices they actually sold for. Plus you can’t judge condition (one persons “excellent” is another persons “good”) and you don’t know the age of the kayaks listed.

Thanks for the time and advice