Qcc 700x East of Entry & Exit

I’m considering purchasing a used QCC 700x and am concerned about the ease of entry and exit because I’ve hand a double knee replacement and my legs don’t bend like they used to. The cockpit side is 30x16 but it’s suppose to be quite deep.

Try before Buy
Iv’e been paddling a 700 for years, I’m 6’2" tall, with a 36’ inseam. I have no trouble getting in and out. My knees are banged up from years of snow skiing, but I can’t address the knee replacement issue. However, I don’t think the cockpit is very deep at all, in fact I’ve been debating about removing the seat pan to get a better fit. My Seda Ikkuma with about the same vertical height, is much more roomy, and a larger cockpit opening makes it quite a bit easier to get in and out of. Your just going to have try the QCC to see if it works for you. Tim

Is it possible they could install
a longer cockpit?


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It's a used boat, who's going to saw it up and put in a bigger coaming, the seller?

The Q700 is not a deep boat. I agree you should try it beforehand, if your knees are not limber you may have some trouble. The Q400 is really deep, but even still you have to be somewhat bendy to get in the standard QCC cockpit. It's pretty narrow, too, to be installed on large capacity boats like the Q400 and Q500. Those two should really have bigger coamings.

As a long time QCC-700 owner
With one knee replacement and another one in the future, I’ll try to explain an easy way and hopefully you can follow along:

-It can work from either side, but I’ll describe entering from the right side.

-Facing forward Step into the boat with your left leg

-Then stoop down while leaning slightly back and at the same time place your hands on the rear of the coaming, (naturally one on each side)

-then bring your right leg into the boat.

You now should be at like a sitting position but with your butt up in the air, (visualize sitting on the floor with your hands behind you but your butt in the air).

-Now just slide both legs forward and as you do it let your butt down onto the seat.

Another way which I can now do and is great therapy for bending your knees is straddle the boat with one leg on each side standing in the water.

-plop your butt down on the seat with your legs hanging over the sides toward the front of the boat.

One at a time bend a leg and bring it into the cockpit and bend it enough to get it under the front coaming and then straighten it out. When you first try it you might have to grab the lower part of your leg and force it to bend enough and for an instant it will hurt like hell, but you’ll find after a while it gets easier and easier.

Good luck !

where there is a will, there is a way

Jack L

I’ve done it. Laid up a Prijon sized
cockpit in a Noah that had a very short cockpit. Not fun but straightforward.

I apologize for having not read “used”.

It all depends
On your ability to hold your weight on your hands as you slide in with angled hips like JackL describes.

I guess a lot depends on …
the OP’s height too.

A tall person with knee problems would definitely have a hard time getting in and out

Jack L

Better Tan I Expected
I tried the QCC and its ease of entry and especially exit were fine despite the smaller 16 x 30 cockpit. I used Jack L’s method of putting in one leg grabbing the back of the cockpit and the easing in. I tried the cowboy method and instead of sitting in cockpit I sit on the deck and quickly ease in.

Getting out is easier because I can get a better grip on back deck than I used to get on my wooded epoxy Chessapeake. The boat is a pleasure to paddle for my 220 lb 6ft frame.

damn wrists again
That motion is part of what kept me out of a kayak for a few months.

If you can teach yourself to press down with your knuckles, or without your hands completely prone and your wrists completely bent it gets easier.

Good job !
You had the will and you found the way

Jack L