QCC 700X vs CD Squamish LV vs Fathom LV

Yesterday I test paddled a kevlar QCC 700X and kevlar Current Designs Squamish HV vs my Eddyline Fathom LV.

I’m 5’6, 160 lbs and the conditions were calm with about a 10mph breeze.

The main surprise is that I can edge the 700X easier and for faster turns than the much shorter Squamish HV, even though the cockpits fit me similarly. Neither cockpit felt too large.

The 700X felt like too much boat for me to keep moving along and I wouldn’t buy one for that reason. Now I need to try a 600X.

The Squamish HV was too hard to edge and turn for my use.

The Fathom LV is heavier than the other two and the thigh braces don’t hit me in the right spot (the other two boats did), but it’s much livelier than the other two and I’ll keep it until I find a lighter, yet still playful boat.

The Squamish HV had the most comfortable seat & cockpit for me.

I know there wasn’t much detail here, but it might be useful to some, especially those who would expect a 15’8’ kayak with upswept bow to turn quicker than an 18’ kayak with relatively plumb bow.

Even though the Squamish HV and Fathom LV are roughly the same overall length, the Fathom LV has a longer waterline length, yet turns quicker.

I never deployed the skeg or rudder on any of the boats during this brief comparison.

What’s your main goal?
Is you main problem the weight of the Fathom? If so, what is it about the weight that bothers you? Loading on your car?

I’m not happy with the weight of my Journey, but I recognize that it’s caused by better materials and construction. I don’t want to go to a thinner, softer material.

At your height you will probably be…
a tad more comfortable in the 600.

We had a 600, 700 and 10X in the family and my favorite is the 700. I am a few pounds lighter then you and a few inches taller.

I have demoed many boats over the years, and my two favorites are the QCC-700 and the Epic 18.

Jack L

I am a little confused by some assumptions. As far as weights go, according to their websites,

Fathom LV 47 lbs.

QCC700 (Kevlar) 48 lbs.

Squamish (rotomold) 54 lbs.

The Fathom LV is the lightest of the group.

I would not fit in a Squamish so I do not know that boat. The Fathom and QCC are quite different and I have owned both. The QCC700 is a narrow, straight, low rocker rocket. It is wonderful at going straight ahead. Turning is more of a challenge. You are near the bottom of the recommended size for the 700 and it might feel like too much boat for you. The Fathom is a more general purpose touring boat.

Good luck on your search.


is weight savings the goal?
…or are you looking for different performance characteristics than your fathom?

Or, did you just want an additional boat? :wink:

My Fathom LV actually weighs 50 lbs.
The Squamish HV was kevlar and supposed to weigh about 40 lbs, though it felt heavier to me.

The Squamish HV was the boat I went to test paddle and to buy, if I preferred it to my other kayaks.

The 700X was a bonus boat to test paddle and I didn’t know it would be available to me. I didn’t expect it to be much lighter than the Fathom LV, because my kevlar 400X weighs 45.2 lbs.

Weight savings is primary, but soft
chines and a tad more playful on edge would be a benefit. Better thigh brace contact would also be appreciated.

I’d rather not give up the efficiency of the Fathom LV in trade for the increased maneuverability on edge, though.

The kevlar Squamish HV just happened to be available within an hour drive to try out - I wasn’t searching for one.

I’ve wanted to try a QCC
mainly for the speed or efficiency.

I’m kind of curious about the technique you are using to turn these different boats. I’ve paddled all the boats you mentioned and a whole bunch more and never found any of them much different to turn.

My suggestion would be to try out an Eddyline Raven if you haven’t already. If the Raven won’t turn better for you …

The Samba won’t solve your chine issue but you might fit in it. Have you ever paddled it?

I’d like to try a Samba.
I’d be interested to see how much more nimble it is than the Merlin LT, which I thought was annoyingly hard tracking for a 13.5’ kayak. Maybe I’ll end up at some place that sells them this summer.

turning the QCC700
is easy if you edge it properly. That is you have to experience the secondary stability, get comfortable with it, and then use it. It turns easily.

The 700X turns much more easily
than my 400X when edged. It edges quite smoothly.

You should give Squanto a call and ask
him why he makes kayaks out of 10’ lengths of solid log. He’ll be glad to explain, and to describe how to make sponsons out of cornshucks.

Were are you located ?
jack L

Epic Touring Cruiser 16 may be the one
that’s as quick to turn as the Fathom LV when edged, but smoother and more solid on edge and the cockpit is more comfortable. As a bonus, it’s 10 lbs lighter.

It appears that the boat I’m looking for was already in my garage.

Now to decide whether to keep the Fathom LV for the relatively care free car topping (weeks at a time on the car in the sun) and for less composite friendly paddling locals than the ultra light, clear coated Epic is ideal for or sell it and simplify my storage situation. No hurry to decide.