QCC 700X VS P&H Cetus MV

I presently own a CD Solstice GT, and a CD Sealution. Bother are kevlar boats.

I am planning to sell the Solstice, and have been reading about both the QCC 700X and the Cetus MV.

I know that the 700x is a great boat, but sometimes I let others paddle my boats, and I’m a little worried that the X could be a bit advanced. I know that the 700X is fast, but does it respond to a lean? Does it track like the Solstice?

The Cetus MV sounds like a great all-around boat. Expensive though. Is it has fast as the 700X? I know that it turns well.

My Sealution has been a fun boat, but it is rather slow, and it does not seem to know what to do when the boat is leaned.

Thanks for your time!

different boats
I have had a 700x for about 5 years and like it very much. I am also interested in getting a Cetus MV, and have test paddled it briefly. I like to always have both a ruddered boat and one without a rudder.

I never paddle the 700x without the rudder deployed because I think it wanders excessively without it. The Cetus is somewhat more stable and reassuring, and does lean turn beautifully. Unless you are racing or going faster than about 4.3 kts there will be minimal difference in speed/efficiency.

Go with the Cetus
Biased by lots of experience with the Cetus. QCC700, eh if I want flat out fast I’ll take my surfski. More fun in changeable conditions, I’m back in the Cetus.

Hudsonriverpaddler.org for a bunch of write ups on Watertribe courses, Blackburn, etc. using a Cetus MV.

Going out on the Hudson today if you want to come along.

See you on the water,


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depending on your size
I’ve paddled an MV Cetus and was less than impressed, but the full sized Cetus was a different story. I thought it was faster and still very maneuverable, so I would suggest that you compare the big one with the MV unless it is too big for you.

The QCC in my mind is a whole different kind of boat and yes I’ve paddled the 700.

I own a 700x and have paddled
the Solstice. To answer your questions directly, the 700x was designed to have a rudder. Mine has a skeg and I am quite happy with its performance. With the skeg dropped a small amount it is very maneuverable. It responds to edging and has good secondary stability. The Solstice is a good boat but it is slower. And it is harder to edge to turn. Some would call this stability but actually the 700x is just as stable but with more flexibility. It all depends on your ability to have loose hips and trust your boat. If you do, then the 700x is very stable. If you want the boat to provide stability by resisting edging, the Solstice will work.