QCC adding mnicell foam

I want to pad the underside of the cockpit at area of thigh with a layer of minicell foam. The QCC comes with a thin layer of foam already applied to the underside of deck at the cockpit. What glue should I use for attaching minicell to foam?

contact cement

Just regular contact cement? Hmmmm. I think I have some around here somewhere. Thanks

put a couple thin coats on each side,let dry then press together,you won’t be able to move it once it touches

what about
adhering foam (minicell) to the underside of the deck. same adhesive? and if you screw it up and want to take it off what do you use?



you guys are pulling my leg
goof off will work?? Brazil don’t you realize I am neurotic and now will worry I will screw this whole thing up and damage the pretty foam lined underdeck.

don’t worry
if you screw up you can shred the minicell and glue right over the mess. It’s not where you’ll see it so don’t worry.

Another Perspective
I have a QCC but my comment applies to any boat. I have been learning, (for a long time), my basic roll. I have also read many posts here and articals elsewhere about the need/advantages of good contact with the boats thigh braces. Almost without exception everyone suggests adding some mini-cell to improve the contact points with your thighs. Well, I did that. I carefully measured, carved, sanded, dry fitted, even covered with cloth, then cemented my nice mini cell blocks into the boat.

Long story short. My new blocks did change the way I fit into the boat. And it felt like I was going to have more roll control using the new blocks. However, I found that the new blocks changed my leg position enough that it caused considerable pain in both legs after about an hour of paddling. I took the blocks out and am back to the standard outfitting.

Another example of how each person/boat/requirement is differant.

Happy Paddling,


Got pictures?
I added some foam for similar reasons - but MUCH less than had thought. I had pictured needing big/thick blocks shaped like aggressive hooks. What I ended up with were two very small 1/2" thigh pads under each bump of the keyhole. All this really does is lower the deck inside by 1/2".


I have pretty big thighs and that was enough. Instant contact when needed - legs still free for paddling and comfort. Though a minor change - it still made big difference in boat control.

In same boat, someone larger or longer legged might need nothing, someone smaller a lot more.

other things
try salamander replaceable hip pads, outside of thigh/seat support to help control when in the transition from upside down to right side up. Make more of a hook to the thigh braces and less of an immobilizing position.

Having some kind of comfortable support around the hips/thighs reduces the torquing required on thigh braces.

Tried 'em - didn’t fit
Turns out I had enough hip contact with no pads.

Being wedged can be conterproductive for some rolls too.

Many ways…

good points
Thanks for posting your experience with the thigh braces. I ordered my QCC without the thigh braces and have used it for about one year. In the summer I really like to practice re entry and roll and other safety techniques so I want to be ready to do so again this summer. With my gel seat pad I contact the underside of hull but find it is not snug enough to grip the underside of the boat for a re entry and roll. Like Greyak, I bought the 1/2" minicell and will cut to fit thinking this will be enough for the practice. Then I started thinking about ordering the ones Mark mentioned and will heed his advice and go with my original thought. I do like the comfort of the cockpit the way it is.