QCC advise and comment

Jude will ensure fit.
He has a jig or something…

If I had any boat budget I’d also be looking at S1-R, or V10 Sport. Think I now know just enough to realize I’d be much farther ahead going with these friendlier options.

Bracing in 700 and Jude
I have not fallen out of my QCC700 without thigh braces while doing rolls. There is enough meat there to hang on to. This is with my foot pegs pushed forward a couple inches looser than most paddlers prefer.

I like a loose fit. I kinda let boat roll under me while paddling in waves. I achieve balance through my wing paddle. When paddling through a rough spot I increase my cadence, which is counter-intuitive, but really seems to work.

I spoke with Jude about sizing the S1R late last summer. He said he was not confident about estimating cockpit size without actually having the paddler sit down in correct paddling position. Thickness of torso and butt can vary greatly between paddlers, so inseam alone is not accurate enough.

I would think there could be a simple process developed to determine cockpit length, but I have a feeling Jude may have been burned by returns caused by sizing issues. Truthfully, I could see my size preference changing as I begin to use legs more aggressively. Hopefully the new QCC with gas pedals and sliding K1 seat will allow me to determine optimum back of butt to bottom of heel distance.

size preference changing
Not sure I’d use a 700, even with gas pedal/sliding seat/no braces, to get measure for a ski.

Ski (any) has different bucket and that hump under knees (plus a fist clearance so you can work legs). I doubt anyone even agrees on what “back of bucket” is, as all have different curves/slopes/depths on everything.

I have a ski “my size” and can never decide if it really fits or not, and if I get in better shape that will change again.

Altogether - pretty strong argument for an adjustable system in something like an S1-R. Save the custom build/ultralight for the S1-X you upgrade to later. Having the intermediate boat adjustable makes for quick easy resale too.

Now where can I demo and S1-R and V-10 Sport side by side… Ah, no $ anyway. Maybe by the time I can justify one they’ll start showing up used (or I’ll already have made friends with the Mark 1).

More realistically, I should just sell my ski and wing. I hadn’t used the wing for a long time and used it a bit yesterday. Really not diggin’ it. Barely functional, then started to get it dialed in a bit better. Would take a lot of time/miles to learn to love it, same for the ski. Hours I’m not all that motivated to find/make right now. Limited free time and other paddlesport priorities…