QCC/CD Kestrel

Just a ‘funny’ about life and QCC…last month added a QCC 700 to the flock, have been studying 'swampers’and considered a QCC 300…wrote QCC an e-mail asking a basic question (they had resolved a compass hatch issue via e-mail quite quickly)…never got a response and ordered a Kevlar CD Kestrel from Old Orchard Canoe (who flew the kayak in to me in 3 days)…so I’ll never know about the QCC as a swamper but I can tell you the Kestrel is a sweet boat at 29 pounds, its fun to lean on edge, and with judicious packing could do as an overnight boat in the Okee. Hopefully next month Unicorn Kayaks will have an English Kayak ready for me and then I will compare it to the Kestrel.

QCC vs Kestrel :wink:
My neighbor talked me into selling my Kestrel RM to his wife, then he wanted a similar boat for himself. I told him that the local shop was having their demo sale this weekend (they are out of Kestrels) and they were selling a Pungo. He looked at the Pungo and said he would wait and find a Kestrel. It is a nice little boat…

i like it so far
did crack the seat the first or second time i paddled it, i leaned back but not that hard…cut some foam and placed under the seat where more support should have been.

living 50 feet from water its a nice boat to grab with one hand and be in the water in 2 minutes (the spray skirt is tight)…also feels like a great place to sit in and eat a sandwiche while waiting on the geese…