QCC Company too good to be true? nm

Define too good to be true?
They make a great product. Quality construction with an attention to detail. Top notch customer service. They call it a cult but I think they are a great company.

seats could be better
but I got exactly the boat I wanted with an unruddered glass QCC400. It’s lighter than most ruddered kevlar boats, it’s stable enough to put a tall inexperienced paddler in it. It’s fast/efficient enough for any regular touring pace with a group, 3-4mph.

There’s nothing quicky about it’s handling that requires a rudder for easy wind/waves.

I got it as a spare back up boat for taking anyone out. I used to paddle a Solstice ST(GT) a long time ago and this is a better boat.

I got it unruddered for price reasons and the thought that if a sailrig was ever added on I’d end up putting on my own version anyway.

Hi weekdaypaddler
I’ve owned a hard used carbon/Kevlar QCC 700 for four plus years. It is an awesome boat; high quality, fast, rides waves great, stable and tons of room for kayak camping. I wrote a review of their service on Paddling.net, awesome too.

Post a desire to test a QCC on Paddling.net and let the folks know where you live. People who own these boats are proud of them. You will get an invitation to test paddle the boat. The boats really hold up.

I go to the Charleston Kayak Festival every year to find a better boat for me (remember, this is subjective). I still own my QCC.

Good luck!


I prefer local paddlesports dealers
That said, finding a composite touring boat in southern WV is not an option.

QCC was everything the previous posters have said. Phil (RIP) and Steve were always very helpful during my phone consultations.


Wow, thanks every one. I looks like QCC
is the genuine article.

Did not at first understand purpose
of your post.

And yes, QCC makes several great boats - there are two in our family fleet.

QCC has supurb construction, excellent customer service and stands behind their product, when and if there are any problems.

That said - there are many other great boats and great companies.

There is certainly nothing about QCC that is “too good to be true” or magic for that matter.

What/where/when do you want to do with a boat. Let that inform your choice in boats.

My 1 and 1/2 cents.

If only their hastches didn’t leak a few
spoonfulls of water, they would get a 10 from me, but because of that I only rate them a 9.9



Thanks Jack i was waiting for the other
shoe to fall

I’ll find out soon …
I ordered a 500x and it’s going to be delivered Tuesday. It will be my first kayak, and I ordered it largely based on the feedback here and the interactions I had with Steve while trying to make the decision. (I’m a big guy and wanted a boat that could accommodate my size.) Once I’ve had a chance to put it in the water, I’ll add my official verdict on them.

I am not being critical of the boat,
just letting you know what to expect.

We have had three of them in the family; A 700, 600 and the new baby one and they all have had their hatches leak, and just about everyone that I know that has one also has leaky hatches.

We have an old poly Perception Eclipse and a Shadow, and their hatches have never leaked a drop.

With that said I still wouldn’t have any other kayak!



during the past 18 months they re-designed the hatch covers and sealing surfaces of the deck. The new design looks promising. Time will tell.

If you are interested in Greenland-style rolling or want a low volume day boat, I wouldn’t recommend a QCC.

If you want a high-volume boat that is fast- they are great.

Ask about QCC and you get
positive, rational answers.Ask about a Tilley and there is a feeding frenzy.

I hear they scratch easy.
Read it right here, on Pnet.

Scratch easy? you mean like gelcoat
does? Who would have thought. Better buy the titanium covered Swifty.

I have a QCC …
… and I do have scratches on the deck but I know exactly what I’ve done to put them there and am either simply accepting them or am changing what I do to eliminate or minimize future scratches.

Would it be nice to have a boat with a spotless, scratch-free deck? Sure. But before buying the boat I remember reading that just about any gel-coat boat will eventually get scratches - I suppose it’s something you just have to deal with. One particularly deep scratch is probably not repairable by me … or at least it’s one I probably won’t TRY to repair! Many of them are so slight you really have to look for them to find them. But those “in-between” ones are, so far, easily repairable by some light sanding with superfine sanding paper and then buffing to a shine with polishing or rubbing compound.

I don’t think QCC kayaks scratch more easily than other gel-coat boats … I think it’s just the nature of the material that it scratches without a lot of difficulty.

That’s what you get whern you paddle
through blackberries !



in todays world,
QCC is one of few companys that offer a quality product, honesty, customer assistance, and a great warrenty. Kayaks are user friendly and super nice paddling. I could go on. Love my 400.

cheers, Float49 (been paddling since 1958) really!

That’s a raving endorsment even though
the company has a problem with leaking hatches. All three means the company has not dealt with a known problem. Is it just QCC hype?

I was looking at the 500 also. nm