QCC Customer Service


Just wanted to mention how pleased I am with QCC’s customer service. I have a 700 with older, leaky hatch gaskets. I called up QCC, and with no prompting at all Phil is sending me a new set of the thicker gaskets, which hopefully will solve the problem. 5 minutes, complete customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be nice if all companies were as responsive?

Happy New Year,


Fat gaskets?
Now you’ve done it. I’ll have to call Phil and hit him up for a set!


me too!
oh wait… i don’t have a QCC. But fat gaskets sound like a fun thing to have around.

You can never
have too many fat gaskets.


I don’t
need any more fat anything!

I may be confused
Isn’t a fat gasket used to help one to fit in one’s kayak after putting on winter weight?


When did they switch to the fat gaskets?
How do I know if I have fat or skinny gaskets?

Mine’ a not quite 2 year old second generation Q700 (cockpit 8" aft of center) with the pedestal gaskets (not the vertical wall gaskets on the newer boats (which were also thickened, no?). Buckles not Velcro on straps.

I already removed the white gasket stuff around the outer edge as it did not make full contact all the way around and the main gasket seems to seat better without it.

Leaks are minimal (and much reduced aft since changing the skeg control), but waves and rolls will get some water inside both hatches. Not much ( a cup or two max), but less would always be better.

I still need to vent them and see if that helps. I suspect some suction as air inside contracts when deck quickly cools when inverted or under a wave. Venting should balance that. If it were a consistent physical gap type leak, I’d expect to get more water based on number of immersions - and so far that has not been the case.

BTW - Even though you are praising QCC, Phil’s gonna hate you for all the calls he’s going to get…

No, a fat gasket is…
… something you can use instead of a spray skirt if you really pack it on!

I’m not so sure they’re “fat”…
… as much as just “new”. I had a similar problem with leaking hatch covers several months ago, talked to either Phil or Steve, and promptly received a length of “new” gasket to replace the old one which was seated slightly off-course and was not sealing properly. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember it being any “fatter”.

At the same time, I vented both bulkheads. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close.


I’ve got the new 700
With the vertical gaskets and I’ve always had a little leakage. I got some adhesive d-style weatherstrip and put on the cover to contact the lip on the deck, it helped a lot. I plan on drilling some vents in too.



Same Praise
I too have a year old ‘new’ generation 700. When the boat was delivered, the rear hatch leaked pretty badly. One call to Phil and they fabricated within a week a brand new hatch using thicker gaskets, and sent it out overnight. They suggested I hang on to the old one as well, just as a spare. I still get a little bit of water in during rolls, and rescue practice, but yes, I’d call that customer service. I think the minor leakage is endemic to the hard hatch, cam buckle design; you never get quite the seal you do with the VCP style hatches. Drilling 1/8" pilot holes to equalize bulkead pressure does help also. Upstanding company, that QCC.