QCC hatch regluing gasket

My older 400x stern hatch had the weatherstrip at rim coming loose and so was the pedastal gasket. I removed these both and cleaned the hatch thoroughly with acetone to remove dried glue and then washed with soap water. After hatch was dried, I attached new weatherstrip to rim as that was easy peel and stick. I thought about using super glue per Phil’s instructions to reglue gasket but it is not working…has anyone done this type of repair? Marine goop maybe?

Call or contact QCC.
Marine Goop sounds plausible, but I would want to know that it will stay flexible in the long run. AquaSeal might work.

Call Phil
as they are usually very helpful. By the way, how is your Kestrel working out? Compared to Merlin II? I bought a kestrel from Dave Cutis a couple of months ago. Still miss my old Merlin II.


Phil is no longer there
Ask for Steve, the owner.

For what it is worth. After three different gaskets, and one new hatch, mine still leak. I gave up on them.

I never could understand why an outfit like Perception can make hatches that don’t leak, but a high end outfit like QCC can’t.

I would hate to be one of those guys that goes out and rolls around all day. He would have to stop after about every tenth roll and pump the compartments out.



did call Phil

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he recommended the super glue method. That is not working :-( I'll try Steve, thanks!

GroovyManatee, still have not picked up my Kestrel...will give my impression after a few outings. I do miss that Merlin!

I recently re-did my QCC700 gaskets. I had re-glued the original gaskets several times and did it a bit differantly this time.

I used a harder rubber gasket material and preshaped it to a wedge shape. I then cleaned the hatch cover with acetone as you did, used some sand paper to get the remaining glue off and ruff up the hatch a little where I was going to glue. And I used contact cement as it has worked well with the interior foam in terms of holding in our heat and water.

Gotta say, this is the first time both hatches are water tight. Mine have always dribble leaked but now stay dry.


Response from QCC
Well, as usual…the customer service is EXCELLENT! I spoke to Steve and yes, confirmed the super glue method but he promptly offered free replacement gasket for both hatches and is shipping ASAP also no cost.

Good, that saves me from worry and extra work. I’ve tried contact cement (a big mess to remove), super glue but this would be best option…peel and stick.

FWIW: I have not had leak problems before this. Even in rolling class or self rescue practice. I do cinch down the hatch strap tightly and have had good luck. Mine do have the white weatherstrip at lip so I think that and cinching straps works well.

The old hatches were better IMO
Not great though, and folks had problems there too which is why they changed them. Too bad change was not an improvements (a few will disagree - but a vertical seal?)

I can do dozens of rolls and get no water. When I do its typically a few ounces forward and maybe a cup aft.

A lot of the leakage people are getting (old and new hatches) is actually via skeg and rudder tubes. Mine is now a sealed full length tube and ever since I did the skeg mod I’ve had pretty dry hatches. Dry enough to stop thinking about them.

Venting bulkheads can help too as it will eliminate water being sucked around the seals from temperature changes doing rolls/taking waves. Still haven’t gotten around to doing mine…

Be glad you have the old style hatches

I thought
that QCC vented the bulkheads? At least that is what Phil said when I asked him.

I have a 2005 model
when did they change the hatch style? Did paddle with a friend in an older 600 and she was having trouble with her hatch gaskets coming off on a camping trip we were on.

show some pics
I’ve been getting around to redoing one of my Q700 hatch seals also…do you have pics of the finished product you can post?

also - where did you get your gasket material?

Been a few years now.