QCC Hatches

Anyone out there have problems with their QCC hatches? I’ve had my boat for 3 years and just recently did some surf lauches. On one my hatch came off and on another the straps came off but at least the hatch stayed on. Needless to say, I’ve lost some confidence in the system. Has anyone tried some other form to secure the hatches? Is the velcro just getting old after three years of use? I never was too confident with the velcro, but I’ve never really put it to any test before. Appreciate any advice.

Mark Sanders

Hi Sandmarks
Call Phil at QCC. I think they are using a different system to secure the hatches now.

Good luck.


Newer System
I have had two Q’s for about 18 months. They both have straps and buckles to secure the hatches.

I have been practicing surf launches and landings for about the last two months on nice days. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been dumped. No problem with the hatches at all.

Happy Paddling,


my 700 is close to a year old now and where is this velcro you speak of? must be older design, but even with newer design the hatches are not waterproof…through winter rollins sessions every other week, no loss of hatch but always a bit of water inside…

When I purchased a used one from QCC I asked if it had the old style velcro or the newer straps.

They sent a new set of buckle type straps with the boat and I swapped them out in about 15minutes. Give them a call and get the buckle style.

I have a newer 700
It has the fastlok buckles. I put a bungee between the deck lines just ahead of the front hatch to break up waves coming over the bow. I also put “d” weatherstrip on the underside of the hatch cover that hits the flat on the edge of the hatch. Doing this keeps out most of the water from waves. I still get some from rolling but that’s because I spend more time floundering than rolling.



My boat doesn’t have any buckles for the hatches. Just velcro staps that fold over a D ring.

I called QCC to see if I could get updated to the new system. They said they’d look into it. I think that means that maybe some day they’ll just show up in the mail, but I don’t know. They’re kind of funny some times. I kept offering to pay money, I’m not lookin’ for a freebie!

my 700 is close to a year old now and where is this velcro you speak of? must be older design, but even with newer design the hatches are not waterproof…

HI Sandmarks
My QCC 700 is over a year old and I have the buckles. I believe Phil and QCC will come thru for you. They are good guys, but busy. You may have to call and remind them. No biggy though.

Good luck and enjoy your boat!


i’ve heard they leak

many boats from many manufacturers
and honestly the only hatches i’ve got that have never leaked are on a Nordkapp Jubilee, but you’ve got to take the time to properly seat them, i.e. use the secondary mechanism to prevent leaks…

I have had both styles and now they
come with buckles. I think the best systemis the WS cam buckles but I haven’t found a source for them. My hatches only allow a few drops in, even in rolling. But I am a bit anal about a clean surface on the mating surfaces.

my Sirius is bone dry
as are all the Romany’s and Explorers owned by my paddling buddies. I think the other Valley boats are dry, too.


it matters on a big crossing
say a 10 mile crossing in serious water, but honestly how many of us here fall into that category, sure many here are fastidious in that they want stuff to work, a hatch should be dry…i realize that humans make kayaks and nothing is perfect…I love the flush look of the QCC hatch much better than the hatch on the Nordkapp but look who’s mastered the function. Another boat with surprising hatches is Feathercraft, you may have no interest in folding kayaks but if you ever get a chance to look at their hatches you will be amazed at the simplistic and redundant system they have.

life and hatches are compromises.

QCC hatches
I got one and am not a fan of the lack of redundancy or secure mechanical closure should one strap break. Fastek buckles weren’t really made for max tension closure as much as they’re like belt buckles where you click and tighten. Can’t do that in this application. Also a heavy person can grab a strap and break the buckle if they use it as a handhold.

I’m tempted to install a similar thing I’ve made for wood kayaks,swiveling ‘dogs’ around the edge holding the hatch down.

Experienced this
last season during one race (13 mi.) where the swells were 4-5. Both hatches took on a significant amount of water, which in turn affected stability-something you most surely don’t want in conditions. Noted that on most boats,the flush fit/compression gasket design leaves something to be desired, if being more aesthetically pleasing. My Explorer never leaked a single drop with its ‘Tupperware’ style rubber lids. Makes me wonder if it’s possible to create a system that combines the best of the two: a hard shell with a ‘locking’ seal beneath. I imagine the Zip Loc Baggies folks would be the ones to consult. Had an interesting conversation the other night with some bicycle company engineers who were surprised by the relative lack of sophistication/use of technology in kayak outfitting-simple things like using Gore-Tex lined cable housings and sheathed cables for rudder and skeg lines. As the sport grows, and it is, perhaps some ‘trickle down’ technology will continue to be applied? You’ve got some forward thinking individuals out there; makes you wonder what they could do with the opportunities to think outside of the proverbial box, or cylindrical tube, as the case may be.

rudder controls
it’s mind boggling that push/pull rudder systems still exist or that some manufacturers use sliding webbing to adjust/connect footbraces to rudder cable. The amount of slop in the system is phenomonal compared to a regular racingkayak/surfski.

glass hatches
glass hatches will leak a little they look nice but if you want bone dry you need rubber hatches.

Not just big crossings!!!
My lake is the Pacific Ocean and frequently there will be waves well off shore that will break on top of your boat.

They’re not a problem as long as your hatches stay on. A friend returned a QCC boat a couple of years ago, because those hatches would not stay on and routinely came off in the surf or other breaking waves. He did not consider the boat seaworthy.

A boat will SINK if the hatches are not water tight. That’s not a good place to be when the water is 50 degrees (like it is now) and you are several miles off shore.

I have boats that have both Valley Hatches and Kajak Sport hatches - neither has ever leaked.

velcro straps too?

My skeg cable is fully enclosed
But, I had to do that myself…