QCC hull seam repair question?

Ok I have a question about repairing a QCC at the hull seam.

They use the plastic seam that is an H shape. The deck and hull get glued from top and bottom and they do a fiberglass seam inside the hull.

Current Designs stopped using it recently and now use fiberglass seams. Any ideas how to repair it as you can’t install it again with everything together?

I can only think of cutting H shaped plastic extrusion and placing it just on the face.

Three or four spots like that. Thanks!


Maybe a few coats of black liquid tape?.. Would be cosmetic and not structural but waterproof…

She wants it pristine again.

I’d lean toward epoxy. Clean and prep, you can use a plastic trowel to apply fairly even then finish sand smooth. Some of the epoxy comes in conjoined syringes you just squirt out what you need, mix and apply. Usually dries clear but you might be able to add pigment. If not, epoxy paint over.

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Going to Turning Point Boatworks new seam all around. Three week wait. Thanks all!

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:+1: It would be great if you could post some progress pics if possible. My QCC seam is ok but would be good to see.

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Look on the FB page for turning point boat works they’re many great repair pictures.

I’ll post pictures but end of June or later. Will look great. As good and better than any factory can do.

I’m going to try a keel seam on one of my CD boats. Similar to a seam.