QCC kayak (2000)

Just bought a 2000 400XL- when QCC was still offering skegs- mine needs to be replaced, and can’t find any manuals or instructions- it’s an unusual configuration- the cable attaches to a steel rod which is in a plastic sleeve which I can’t get to without cutting the sleeve- I would welcome any ideas- Thanks!

Have you contacted QCC/Wenonah?

QCC kayak (2000)
Yes, I’ve been in phone and email contact with a Wenonah customer rep- when they bought the company in 2011, I was told they did not have any manual or specific instructions for replacing the skeg, and now they don’t offer a skeg, only a rudder option. And this skeg is unlike any I’ve found online, with the cable connecting to a steel rod, inside a sealed nylon or rubber fitting.

Bummer. I expected that they could

My 400X has a rudder and I haven’t seen the skeg version, so I can’t help you with this.

I’m a thinking…
They were spring loaded one way or another… I think as I only remember seeing one.

Correct, spring loaded

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My old QCC 600x was spring loaded to drop the skeg. You'd pull the ball and lock it into the cleat to raise the skeg. To drop the skeg just unclip the cord from the cleat and it would deploy. Never had mine apart but I'd be surprised if there was a steel rod in there. Stainless steel cable, yes.

I'd think at one or both ends of the plastic sleeve you should somehow be able to release it for access. But maybe not.


QCC kayak (2000)
Hello Alan, Thanks for your reply- I haven’t found any indication that mine is spring-loaded- your may be an earlier (or later) model- I did find a rubber or plastic wheel in the front of the skeg housing, apparently to make the skeg move smoothly- looks like I’m going to have to cut the housing to get at the cable/steel rod juncture, and pull out the cable from one end or the other.

Try removing the skeg from the housing. boat upside down and try to unhook by fiddling with the blade, it may have a slot that holds it in.