QCC Kayak Fans

Hello all,

I know there are some qcc kayak fans on this

board, and I just wanted to let you know I am

selling my 2002 QCC 700XL Kevlar (going through a divorce) the boat is in excellent condition

I’m asking $1900 The boat is listed in the classified section. I just wanted to give anyone

who may interested a heads up.

thanks, I’ll miss it. It’s a great boat


…really sucks!

Strange world
I would not have my Q700 if I weren’t divorced! I wouldn’t be paddling at all under the old regime!

Wish better days ahead for you!

Sorry, but I’ve got no room or funds for another (have that much going out in child support alone each month! - Welcome to my world). Boats are traded more than added to my tiny apartment based fleet!

FYI - didn’t see your listing. What state? Would help if I hear of anyone looking.

Hi there Greyak,
saw his ad posted on the 16th, NY area around Rochester. Ouch!! on that child support, luckily, my daughter is 18, no more child support, just direct support to the daughter, same difference.


Yeah, they make more than I do!
and Government gets most of the rest…

Hence the efficiency and '98 Neon. But don’t feel too bad for me. I may be broke by payday, but I got toys!

Sorry to hear about your divorce,
and good luck finding a buyer for your boat. Hope this doesn’t mean you are giving up paddling.

Kudos to all you gentleman for paying your child support, despite the difficulties. It means a lot to your kids. My first husband left the country in order not to pay his, and he’s a very successful chiropractor. (BTW, I never spent any energy trying to get any money from him, I just wanted a divorce. He found out he was going to have to pay me child support, after he took me to court, in an effort to get money from me)

I am now married to a man who pays his support without complaint. It’s one of the things I love about him. It impresses my kids to too, and does their hearts good to know there are responsible fathers out there. I did tell him when the payments end in a few short years ( 2 1/2 years and counting), that he can buy a nice big sailboat!

sorry about your dilemma
Over the last 23 years my wife and I did have our problems, most over my depression over us not having kids. Finally realized that “with a happy wife I will have a happy life”. My lovely wife Barb does deserve a great deal of credit for loving me and the marriage when I was really bummed out and tough to live with. If Mama is not smiling then no one is smiling. Her hamburger is cooked for 5 or 10 minutes, then I cook mine for half the time of hers. We eat totaly different and I love water and she loves tv and comedy. We are saving for a gaither cruise for our 25th. And yesterday ordred a new eft for the clinton race. There were some very nice and spiritual people at church who helped us with foster children,etc. They say divorce is the death of a 1 plus 1 relationship. Hope we make it. Love is protein to build up the other person. After the last foster child had to go back, I was so depressed and miserable to live with that my wife moved out for a while. That was a few years ago. Good luck and we love you man!

Take It Easy!
I kid about my many marriges, but each divorce was very hard at the time. It does get better, and often gets better than it ever was before.

Divorce…getting better each time…
and eventually…if you’re like me, you become successfull! Been successfully divorced 26 years now…BTW I raised our son and never saw a dime of support from his mother.

I raised my kids too,
Without a dime of help. They turned out pretty good.