QCC kayak rudder changes?

Iam looking at a used QCC 700x kayak. On QCC’s web site they show the rudder folded flat on the rear deck meaning it rotated 270 degrees. I see on older QCC 700x kayaks the rudder only rotates 180 degrees so it sticks straight up in the air.

Is this new rudder better than the old one. I know having it flat on the rear deck when surf landing would be better as its less likely to get smashed if you tip over in shallow water but besides that is the new rudder better once deployed? Is it longer blade as it does look to be a longer blade looking at QCC’s website and comparing to older QCC models.

Plus any idea if this older rudder could be easily be changed to the newer style without replacing the whole mechanism? I don’t know much about rudders as I have always had skeg kayaks. Hence my total lack of knowledge on the subject.

One other thing the older QCC has a rudder that says SeaLine rather than smartTrack I see on newer QCC models, big difference? Same gas pedal setup?

I can answer a couple of your questions
I have not seen the new one that goes all the way over onto the back deck, but I can tell you that the old one cannot be changed to do it. If it could I would do it in a heart beat.

Sticking up completely sucks. if you are in a narrow creek with low overhanging branches it is guaranteed to get hung up in them.

The Sealine rudder is the same as the Smart Track. Just different owners.

If you paddle a thousand miles a year in salt water, be prepaired to have the track housings corrode and fall off at least once a year.

I have changed out four sets on two different QCC’s in a half dozen years.

I will never have a kayak again with the Smart Track rudders, unless they changed the housing out to a composite material.

As much as I like the solid foot brace and toe peddals, I am planning on forgoing the Smart Track and replacing it with the old stand by rudder system with the sliding foot braces

If you paddle mostly in fresh water you shouldn’t have any problems

Good luck

jack L

May be the Feathercraft rudder.
I’m not sure it’s still an option.

thanks for info
I paddle mainly great lakes so fresh water. I might take it to the ocean but it would be very seldom, maybe once in 2 years if that.

Iam considering the rudder from Onno and sent him an email to see if his rudder kit would fit. I really don’t like the idea of a rudder sticking straight up in the air when retracted. plus how it drags housing in water.

I contacted QCC and was told it does stay straight up yet there website picture shows the QCC 700x has it flat on the rear deck. Boy that’s not being totally honest. At least it looks that way to me. I have several friends that have kayaks with rudders of several different brands like Prijon which have gas peddle type control and there rudders lay flat on rear deck. Seems like a poor design from Smart Track. Other brands I have seen but not sure about controls are Current Design and Boreal but I know the Boreal ones have the sliding foot pegs which I wouldn’t even consider a kayak with those. How the heck can they do good rolls with those moving pegs.

Also, if you have to adjust
the toe pedal after a year or so, the screw freezes up, and not knowing any better, you’ll put pliars on it and then it will break.

Then the only way to adjust it is by way of that stupid little “wedgie” thing at the rudder.

Each side of the Smart Track rudder has thirteen parts.

Oops I almost forgot; The spring in the rudder also can break, (from experience)

Jack L

Also, I have seen
other boats with the Smart track rudder laying over on the deck. Just not QCC’s

Jack L


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Although the website says they still use the SmartTrack rudder, the one in there photo's is not a Smart Track.

Sounds like I need to keep parts
Sounds like I need to keep parts on board in case the darn thing fails. I will have to take the whole thing apart and inspect it carefully but that breaking screw has me worried.

I wonder if I replace this rudder with the one from Onno I would have less possible problems?? Any Onno Rudder users here?

Not sure he is still in business
I ordered a rudder system from him and he never sent it even after promising to after I wrote to him. I was just out the money.

If you are paddling in fresh water
don’t worry about it, and if you are paddling in salt water only once a week don’t worry about it.

You probably won’t have any problems.

I am a high mileage user and I have to keep a big plastic tub full of parts.

Right now the only spare parts I keep with me when I am paddling are a couple of bolts, with wing nuts, large washers and large rubber washers to plug the holes the next time one of the units falls off into my boat. I won’t need them once I get a different rudder system

Jack L

You paid for a rudder and didnt get it?

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You paid for a Onno rudder which aren't cheap and never got it. Did you do a charge back on your credit card? I had a similar problem with Novorca paddles and just did a charge back on my credit card so no problem getting my money back. If thats the case I guess I should forget about Onno and just keep what I got. I think Onno uses paypal for payments, paypal will give you a refund if you don't get anything.

replacement rudder
Many people dislike sliding rudder pedals. I recently changed out to a Sealect Design rudder control system, retaining the original rudder itself. My wife’s kayak came with one as well. It seems like a stout enough option. We use our kayaks in salt and fresh water.

That looks perfect except…
the Smartrack rudder would still stick up in the air with it.

I like the system and especially that polymer track. That would solve one of my problems.

I plan on going back to the old sliding pedals and live with bracing off them.

Jack L

I kept thinking that he would eventually do something about it but he didn’t.

It’s an old photo
Someone hasn’t cleaned up the old website

QCC website
The kayak pics haven’t been updated in years, same as when I bought mine 5 years ago. Also one less row of storage bungees on the foredeck then in the website image. You’ll love the boat and the rudder system, but get the bag of spare parts, as you will have occasion to need them. I really like rudder system and the way it works, have never had a failure on the water, however I’m in freshwater only, and strip, clean and reassemble the system every fall before I put the boat away for the winter. tkamd