QCC Kayaks

Anyone have any experiece paddling QCC kayaks?

They sell direct from the intenet, & I put a deposit on the Q600X.

Obviously I could not demo it.

There is a 30 day return policy on it, so in a way I am not taking a big risk. But would like to know if anyone owns one?


Robert G

I do not know
anything about them, but have also been intrigued with them. I especially like the return policy, they must be very confident of there product to have a policy like that.

I know there is a loyal following here so I am sure some QCC owners will jump in here and say something worthwhile. I always like to read what they have to say.

Search the old posts
There are volumes of posts on these boats.

There are also reviews - but less informative.

Without knowing more about you - size/paddling interests & needs/etc. - I can’t really comment on specific - or which QCC.

I’ve owned a QCC 700 for 3 years. It’s a fantastic boat - still my favorite for general paddling (I currently own 6 kayaks, and have demoed many more). I also prefer it to the 600. Feels more solid to me, and has a nicer rear deck design. QCC quality is top notch.

Great return policy…
…if you can afford the $200 freight shipping to get it back to QCC.

Great kayaks and great company. I used to own a 600, sold it and miss it. Would have kept it if kidney cancer surgery hadnt put a temporary halt to my kayaking.

Aren’t you the same guy who said “Paddlers need to … stop worrying about the craft they paddle”?!

I have owned a 600 and a 700 for about a year and a have and I really like both boats.

The company does seem very customer oriented and they have a great reputation for standing behind their products. They view the 30 day no questions asked return policy as the best demo program available. In addition to the 30 day return policy they have a lifetime warranty.

In terms of affording the $200 dollars return freight, they pay that if you choose to return the boat.

The boats have lots of supporters and many naysayers. From the perspective of one who has some miles paddling them I can say that they do most things very well. I appreciate the design and product quality.


not a nice thing to say
to someone who had to give up kayaking temporarily for kidney cancer surgery. I don’t find his statements contradictory.

I remember reading a post of yours where a ferry went down and people were missing, presumed dead and you were worried about the gasoline and oil spillage yucking up the water. While nobody wants that, it just seems not very people oriented. Maybe rethink your priorities.

Just my $.02


Hi Robert G
I own the 700. It’s the best all purpose boat I’ve ever paddled. If I could find a better boat (as fast plus great load carrying plus wave riding plus quality)I’d buy it. I haven’t found one. You will love the boat. Size wise, I guess you talked to Phil and he thought the 600 was the right size for you?

Congratulations on the boat!..and welcome to the club.


Similar worries
I just got a QCC500 two weeks ago. After ordering, I had similar worries. The boat was in excellent condition when I got it and intrigued the shipping terminal employees. It has only been on the water twice due to work conflicts and weather. But this is what I can tell you, the boats are well built. My first time out was in water barely above freezing with some nice winds and swells. The boat handled well and is a good fit for me. The second was an absolutely gorgeous day with basically flat water. The guys at QCC are definitely knowledgable in how to do business this way.

Been there…
I went to Exeland WI and toured their boat-building facility. Really quite amazing- a small place with about 10 people laying glass and gelcoat… about 8-10 boats in various stages of construction at any given time. Finish is the best looking I have seen on any boat- period!

One thing I learned is that it is best to call them on the phone… they are not always responsive to e-mails.

Now if they would build the 700 with a low back deck and custom bulkhead placement…

Once again…

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Cooldoctor.....you make a statement which is not based on the facts.

I have two…
QCC’s…a 600 and a 700. The total experience was absolutely positive. The company and the boats are top notch. I wish I could say the same for my WS experience.

QCC Kayak
Thanks for eveyones info on the Q600X.

I am going to buy the kevlar, is it easy for one person to car top, & is it very tippy?


Robert G

as always intended use matters
how much do you weigh? You much do you know about paddling. are you comitted to learning?

where do you paddle now, where do you want to be paddling in a year.

BTW imhop the 600 is their best boat. and the 700 is no slouch.

just sold my Q600x
My Q600x was and still is an awesome boat I hope the new owner enjoys it. I only got rid of it because I needed the cash to go toward a new race boat and don’t tour or fish anymore.

I had the 600 with skeg. It was swift for its length, manueverability, and stability. I learned edging, bracing, and rolling in that boat and won some races in it before I switched to surfskis and ICF k1s.

Construction quality was excellent. After 5years and a few thousand miles mine looked really good except for paddle skuffs on the edges of the front deck. The layup was a tiny bit flexible compared to my brother’s bomber Walden built NF Legend but seemed to have an excellent overall strenght to weight ratio.

The only down side to the boat was the hatches. The rear hatch always leaks a little. The front hatch was generally water tight. The original velcro straps were terrible. The replacement buckles are decent but not great.

Customer service was good to excellent. Just call instead of email. I got prompt assistance over the phone but emails seemed to get lost in the ether from time to time.

I bought my Q700X sight unseen from the factory and took delivery about 2 months ago. What a boat! From an aesthetic and workmanship standpoint, there is nothing better that I have seen. It’s also surprisingly fast. I raced it last month against OC-1’s and OC-2’s in a Wavechaser heat and finished second, 19 seconds behind an OC-2, and about 3 minutes ahead of the rest of the pack.

However, I’m still getting used to the boat. My rough water boat is a Necky Looksha IV carbon and I’ve been paddling hard-chined boats for the past 5 years. I’ve yet to take the Q-boat into rough water. However, this is not a reflection of the boat, but my abilities, or lack thereof.

In any event, you can’t go wrong. Dealing with the factory and Phil has been a pleasure.

Good Luck!

and a day hatch.

The Jocassee Rendezvous have
almost been QCC Rendezvous. A LOT of satisfied customers.

Unless they just changed
their policy, return shipping is paid by QCC.