QCC Kayaks

Interested in purchasing either the 500 or 700. Since I can’t demo before buying, like their return policy.

Anyone have any experience with the company and/or their boats?


Great way to generate controversy
On P-Net ther are two types of people: Pro and Con QCC.

Well, it really is not that bad.

I have a 500 which has served me well for day paddles from WV to MD to SC to PA to CT to VA. Have also camped out of it, but only seldom.

If you have no composite boat dealers where you can try before buying, QCC is the way to go. Fit and finish are tops, customer service is well respected. Steve and Phil are Good Folks to deal with (Hi Phil!).

The long water line designs do not make good surfing boats, but otherwise I cannot fault them.


QCC and others
If I recall correctly, QCC has a policy where they will share contact information of people who have one of their boats so that potential purchasers can contact them and ask about trying their boat. I should think that you could find someone on LI who would be willing to do that - most paddlers I know will gladly meet a potential new paddler to let them try their boats.

Just to ask, and not to start a to-QCC-or-not thing, have you tried other boats and decided that you are likely to prefer QC? Or are you unaware of places on/near LI that you could go to try out boats?

the 500 and 700 are different, you might want to narrow down your experience and intended use. I’ve got a 400 as a spare kayak and it’s a nice hull.

wondering if the 700
might be too long for you. I was looking into it too but changed my mind after I talked to Steve at QCC.

My suggestion, call them, they’ll fit the size to you. They are not highpressure, very comfortable to talk to

I have QCC600X, it is a dream, flies over the water like a dragonfly, hence my nickname for it

I have tried a few other, wasn’t happy, maybe it’s because I tried them after I bought my boat.

All I can say is it’s better then a sneeze!!

There is a tremendous difference …

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between the 500 and the 700.

If you are looking for a wider boat go with the 500.
If you are looking for their fastest boat goes with the 700 as long as you are big enough to push it.
I just looked at your profile and noticed that you are a female.
How tall are you?
Both the 500 and the 700 might be too much for you.
My wife who is 5"-2" had their 600 which is basically a shorter 700, but even that was too much for her to push.
She had a hand in the design of their baby boat, and absolutely loves it, and races it faster than she did with the 600.

They are a fantastic outfit, a first class kayak builder, and you can't go wrong with their boats



I hear they scratch easy.


Thank you JackL
for stating what many do not understand. Longer is often NOT faster! The folk at QCC sell boats designed by Winters who does get it, so therefore, they seem to as well, which makes sense. Nice to hear that. For so long small low power paddlers have been done the disservice of being sold long boats that they can neither effectively push, nor manage in wind. Good on QCC!

You heard wrong !
With that said; show me a boat with no scratches, and I’ll show you a boat that doesn’t get used and has a novice paddling it!



But I read it right here on Pnet!

That was in regards to…
that Epic 18 made in China with the lead in the gelcoat!



Size Etc.

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As above, the QCC 500 and 700 are very different boats and both may make learning more robust skills much harder for you than something that is skinnier and/or shorter (both length and height) than these two. If you lived near flat ponds it wouldn't matter, but you live on LI so are talking some serious water. You should NOT get into a boat that doesn't fit you well since you will inevitably end up out in the Sound with whatever you get.
If you want useful help, you really need to respond with your size and expected paddling use and a little about why you seem to have locked onto these two boats.

Thanks for clearing that up, Jack :slight_smile:

500 vs 600 vs 700
The 500 is a BIG boat, in terms of volume and heigth. I am big, so it fits well. I out a small female friend (about 5’-4" and I would guess 105#) in it and she was swallowed up by the boat.

If you do not need the volume of the 500, look at the 600 next. Only go to the 700 if you have the weight and power to drive it. Phil and Steve will steer you in the right direction.


thigh bracess…
… I know you can the optional molded thigh braces but does anyone know if you can get adjustable braces on QCC’s?

Not only they scratch easy…
they don’t even have the “grey thing” in the bow.

Mine has a “grey” thing…
… in the cockpit!

I had a Q700 and loved it. The build quality is excellent. It’s a very quick boat. I sold it to pursue other activities. Now that I’m going to get back into kayaking, QCC is the only boat I’m considering. Phil, their customer service guru, is legendary. Have him hook you up with someone local and take a look at their boat.

I knew a local guy who had a leaky skeg on his boat. QCC gave him a new boat. End of story.

My dealings with them have been great.

Read some of the product reviews posted and you’ll see that the vast majority of the folks who have them, love them.

You just need to decide what you’ll be doing with the boat. If you’re just paddling go with the Q700. It is a lot of boat but, it’s light and narrow wih nice stability. If you want to camp and take extended trips go with the Q600 or 500. Definately get the sweet Smart Track rudder and thigh braces (they don’t adjust). They have demo boats too. That’s how I got mine and saved a bit of $ to boot.

Phil is no longer with them