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I’m trying to research my second kayak, and I’m interested in finding out more about QCC. But I’ve filled out the email inquiry and I’ve been calling all week, and no one answers or calls back. Maybe they’re out of business?

They’re combined with Wenonah, now.
Calling Wenonah should get you the correct contact info for QCC.

That’s the canoe company? Ok, thanks!

As Far As I Know, QCC Still In Business
In April 2011, Wenonah purchased QCC: http://www.qcckayaks.com/company.asp

You might try finding a “Demo Center”: http://www.qcckayaks.com/locator.asp

You could always try calling: http://www.qcckayaks.com/callme.asp

Hope this info helps.


I’ve been trying to call, all week. No answer, left a message, no one calls back. Emailed also. Maybe I’d better keep looking; if they’re that uninterested in selling one, I’d hate to try getting a problem resolved!

Original QCC Company Was Great!
Don’t know how their current business arrangement is working.

Hopefully a QCC owner near you, with an appropriately sized boat, will post on p-net and offer you a test padddle. That’s how I got to try a 700, a boat I still happily own.

My experience with Wenonah through the years is that it they are a good company to deal with.

Good luck.

Rutabaga in Madison, WI sells them.
Try calling them.

Me too
Ive dealt with their customer service many times looking for information on old canoes (the only kinda I buy it seems!) and they have always been very helpful. Nate (I think was his name) has always been very helpful and sent me info right away. They even sent me a custom 3’ long sliding foot brace and only charged me an extra $5! Anyways, just sayin’ that Wenonah’s customer service is very good if QCC is now part of them.

I might be able to answer some …

In the family we have had two 700’s. one 600, and two 10’s.

All of them ruddered.

My wife was in on the design of the 10, and got the very first one they built before they even named it the “10X”

Jack L


I have had a 700 for about 5 years and am quite satisfied with it. Recently I have been considering getting an all carbon 600. I weigh 175, right between the recommended weights. I generally paddle 2 to 3 hours at about 4 kts, with no cargo and at that speed I might be more efficient in the 600, despite its lower theoretical top speed. Do you have any comments on the relative rough water handling of the two models? Will the 600 feel more or less stable?

Also, I just installed a new rudder cable per the instructions you kindly sent me some time ago. Very good instructions, and the installation went very smoothly. Thanks much.


Tough one
You have about 20 pounds on me.

Four or five years ago, I thought I might be just as fast in a 600 as in my 700, so I started using my wife’s 600 to see the difference

I could hardly tell any difference between the two, but never did race the 600.

One was as good as the other in rough water, but then again, I have had my 700 in some horrendous water, (the type you don’t want to get caught in), and it saved my butt, and I did not have the 600 in that type water.

I have a feeling that the 600 might be a bit small for you.

My present 700 is carbon/kevlar, and I would not have another one. It is too delicate for my liking.

Keep in mind that this is just my take. others might differ.

Jack L

Call ACK
In Annapolis, 410 263 2303

it has always
Mystified me why an online only company could never answer an email, but that’s their bit. Sometimes the best things are hard to acquire.

Ryan L.

good thing it’s not an insurance website


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I'm 5'11, 165 lbs. and have paddled both the 600 and 700 fairly extensively in all kinds of conditions. In terms of speed, I think the difference between the effort needed to drive the two boats at 4 knots is so small as to be unnoticeable. The 600 may come up to speed slightly quicker but, again, it would be hardly noticeable.

In terms of rough water handling, it's tough to say. The 600 has a lower deck and provides a wetter ride. Beam seas tend to roll right onto your skirt more than with the 700. The 700 provides more leg and knee room -- and this can affect paddler perception of the way the boat handles.

Being a longer, higher volume boat, the 700 sits higher on the water and tend to be more susceptible to be pushed around by wind and waves. The added length of the 700 also results in a slightly higher paddler center of gravity. Overall, if you were going to paddle one of these boats unloaded in rough conditions, I think the 600 will provide a little sportier more responsive ride. However, you will want to make sure that the 600X is a comfortable fit for you.

They still
Haven’t gotten back to me! I understand they’re nice boats, but sheesh!!

Seakayaker Review
Seakayaker is reviewing the QCC 700X in the next issue (Dec)

What do you want to know?
There are dealers who may help you as QCC is now folded into Wenonah. The website gives the impression it’s the same business model as before with direct contact between factory and customer but it isn’t. Call a dealer.

They may be on vacation
Not sure how they do it since the merger but they used to shut everything down and everyone went on vacation at the same time. Since they do boats one at a time in small quantities if some people are out it backs up the process so they stop production for a scheduled vacation.

That was the case in 09 when I wanted to drop my boat off to get some damaged areas repaired. So Steve gave me directions to his house where we dropped the boat off and he took it to the plant the next week.

It’s not an online company anymore