QCC mods or alternatives?

Just got my “demo” 700X and am having some “fit” problems…the seat seems to raise my center of gravity quite high and the backband/padding prevents good rotation…

Is it me or have others found the same?

How have others mofified the boats to cure this?

or are there good alternatives for a bigger guy (6’1" 235) to paddle fast?


It is common to do the following:
Remove the seat/backrest combo. Sit on the plastic pan and install a Reggie back band. This will lower your center of gravity and free up some space for movement (like leaning back on the back deck). Also remember that the 700 has low initial stability and high secondary stability. Just relax and let it rock around. It will not tip over unless you tense up and try to resist. Only seat time will fix this.

NSI Micro backband
NSI backbands were what a couple of changed to a few years ago and it was a very easy modification. The backband is the only real glaring negative with the Q. Phil told me a few years ago 7 out of 10 people didn’t like the seat back support. Truly though this is a personal thing and a relatively, $75 ballpark, modification. I thought they could have a few options for people and let them choose but this would raise their manufacturing and inventory costs which means there boats would cost more. It is an easy enough change and lets you personalize it to what it is you want.