QCC Question

For a smaller paddler , 120-140 lbs range. Which would be recommended the 600x or 10x . Most paddling would be day trips with some tripping.

I would think the 10x would be a fine boat if it’s anything similar to the Q10. Our friend Nanci is a similarly sized paddler, tho’ lighter, who actually helped design the 10, and it works more than fine for her. She can thread it through the mangroves, its good on open water, and she easily keeps up with the group when we all.


Frank in Miami

“Franks Friend Nanci” is 5’-1" and 112 pounds and the 600 was too big for her.
She much prefers the 10X.
Franks Friend Nanci’s husband; Jack didn’t see your height, but if your closer to that upper weight range that you state and are closer to 5’-5" thinks you would be happy with the 600.
I am 5’-9" and 147 pounds and enjoy the 600 but like my 700 a tad better.

Where are you located ? Post it here and maybe someone with a 600 or a 10 will let you try either one out.

I’m located in Windsor On, Thanks for the help