QCC scratches easy

I’ve had my QCC 600, Blue deck with white hull, for about 4 months now. I find the blue deck scratches very easy, for example, put paddle under deck bungy to get in and pull paddle out it will scratch. scratches show up white. Is this normal for gel coat to be this soft and thin?

Normal to scratch…
Darker colors show up more.

I have put a clear nonskid tape on my deck in areas where wear may occur.

dark colored fiberglass kayaks

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show gel coat scratches more easily than light colored ones. ALL gel coat scratches easily. It was never meant to be an ablative later. It's for making a shiny surface that can hide the random cloth layups underneath in a mass produced item.

If you make a harder gel coat it will crack and chip easily long before any damage occurs in the glass laminate. If you make the gel coat thick it'll still show scratches, add weight and be more likely to crack in some places where the hull can flex, if you make it thin like the ends of the keel you'll wear into the glass sooner. I had a first year production Necky Chatham 18 that had hard, thin gel coat that chipped off in sections at the bow. It's all a compromise.

It's not QCC, it's ALL gel coat.

dark colors show scratches more than light colors,,whether it's the hull or deck. The hull gets more scratches but you look at the deck more. Either way you get used to scratches or you don't use the kayak.

from the qcc website:

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the colors for your new kayak. Dark colors show scratches more than light colors so we strongly recommend light colors on the hull. Dark colored decks will get much hotter in the sun and white is the easiest color to make an invisible repair.


oftentimes a little rubbing compound or car wax will take out the smaller scratches.

my solution
light grey deck, don’t wax it, wash it or repair it. After ten years it looks organic.

bubble wrap
I’ve found bubble wrap works very well to protect your boat from scratches. The trick is to get a really huge sheet of it, and then roll the entire boat up in it, like a burrito. Be sure to use enough to get a couple of layers, and fold it over to be sure the ends are covered. Tape it shut, and try to take it off only when you want to look at how nice your scratch free gelcoat is.

an added bonus

Plus when you’re out on boring flatwater you can have fun popping the bubbles and startling the wildlife.

if you’re just not able to hit that roll on the first attempt, you can chew a piece while submerged to buy yourself that little extra time for the next setup.

big or little bubbles?
I’ve got some foil backed bubble wrap,makes good hats.

hey kenny
Don’t take any of this personally, everyone is just having a bit of fun at your expense.

I actually do have a kayak that’s been swathed in bubble wrap for almost three years. I think it’s from WS - maybe it’s a rare red Pamlico 140!

My other yaks have lots of scratches - gives 'em character.

sorry to be a wiseass.


We are full of ourselves today.
Sounds like recess in high school.

it’s all in fun
So I thought I would make sure he knows, that’s all. I think this is a pretty decent bunch (and almost as funny as in the b&b forum).

Loosen up string.

You mean
you have the fabled and greatest light touring kayak ever made??? You must be an elite intermediate paddler :slight_smile:

Buy Two Of Them!
Hang one from an ornate shelf or the ceiling in your living room, den, or family room. Dust it off occasionally to keep it shiny, and admire it.

Play the heck of the other one in the water, knowing that a nice shiny one is waiting for you at home.

All in good fun :slight_smile: Lou

3M Cost
Comes 3 12" x 18" sheets packaged for $14.95 where I get it.

They don’t call it Clear Bra though. I think that may be found in the Adult Novelty store down the street, with some other choice accessories for threading through the bungees.

I’m of a mind that all bras should be clear bras…but I digress…

scratches easily?
you should see what I put my QCC through! Oyster reefs, coral shoals and surf landing one time on old broken up conch shells. Yes it scratches but not enough to get through to the composite layer. Think of it as a sacrificial skin. Enjoy and maybe pad that area as mentioned. Next time, get an all white kayak (I did) so scratches are not as obvious. Not as pretty but who cares.

Where the heck do you get that tape?
Nanci has been looking all over the place for it.



Two days after I had mine, it was
Lying on the beach in Key Largo awaiting the start of the Bogey and Bacall and someone dropped their boat on the stern and their rudder put a big gouge in it.

The following year I dropped it off the roof of my Ford pick up and punched a hole in the bow below the water line.

Last year I backed it into a tree, bent the rudder housing, bent the two screws that hold the rudder bracket and forced the rudder to put a big scrape in the rear deck.

Two weeks ago I dropped it on the pointed edge of a large bolder and punched a hole into the kevlar about a inch wide and three inches long on the bottom in the center.

Epoxy and auto spray paint is good!

With all of that it keeps winning me medals, ribbons and plaques.

I keep hoping someone will steal it so I can get a new one, but no such luck so far.

I have to admit, I am real attached to it just the way it is.