QCC seat pad's position and comfort

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So for those of you who have a QCC with a "REEDESIGN" high density seat/back pad which Velcro's onto the recessed fiberglass seat pan, I noticed something important "for me". The pad has a sewn "seam" that separates the pad into a seat and a back support. "Intuitively" I wanted to place the pad on the recessed seat pan's Velcro strips so that the pad's "seam" was aligned with the upper back of the recessed seat pan. This position allows the back support section of the pad to be at its highest position.

However, the above placement of the pad is actually uncomfortable (can feel line of pressure across my lower back after ~1/2 of paddling), AND can result in the 2 SmatTrack foot braces having to be adjusted to lengths that differ by one notch, in order to get both legs to feel the same way on the foot braces and for your thighs to contact the thigh braces evenly.

Interestingly, what I found is that if the seam on the pad is aligned with the lowest rearward part of the recessed fiberglass seat pan THEN it is very comfortable and I can use the same settings for both foot braces (I count the number of notches exposed on the green foot brace adjusters). This pad position also results in the back support portion of the pad being at a lower position by ~1 1/2" (counter intuitive for me) versus to when the pad's seam is aligned with the upper back of the recessed fiberglass seat pan.

When in the "good" position the front edge of the pad is also flush with the front edge of the seat pan "where the front of seat pan drops down to meet the hull".

The difference in seat comfort is remarkable after ~1/2 hour of paddling, and that is why I figured I would pass this information on. Starting to think that some of the complaints I have heard about the QCC seats may be due to this issue.

Until now I have not been paying attention to how the pad was aligned on the recessed seat pan, but after I use the kayak I always pull the pad off the Velcro on the seat pan in order to help the pad dry out. As a result, sometimes the pad was repositioned in the "good" position and sometime in the "bad" position and sometimes in between. Let me know if this applies for you as well.

Pad = bad
Are you talking about the RapidPulse seat - with pad and back together - two big Velcro strips on seat pan, and web straps to the seat posts so the back forms sort of a sling? Or has QCC changed them recently? Either way, sounds about the same.

My advice -throw that thing out. The get the Velcro off the seat pan and clean off any residue. Sit on the bare seat pan. It’s one of the most comfortable made - and will let you rotate better.

Add either an IR Reggie or the smallest WW style NSI band - mounted as low as you can (hook to back of seat to keep it down) for HIP (not back) support.

Night and day - seriously. Those sling seats are fine for some - and well enough suited to 300/400/500 - but 600/700 deserves a real backband. Also technique that doesn’t have you pushing/leaning into it - and working your legs enough that a seat pad will cause issues.

You’ll get different opinions - but I haven’t heard any who’ve done this that regretted it or went back.

When I had…
my 700 I used to remove the seat bottom,and flip it around behind the seat back. I took a Thermarest air seat pad ,and put on the seat pan. Made the seat lots more comfortable. I know about the sometimes comfort,and sometimes not placement of the seat bottom. My issue with the boat was the lack of deck height,and my big feet,and leg placement. Could never get a comfortable position with my feet splayed to the side,and lack of leg bend. Got so I couldn’t paddle it with out pain,so I sold it. I still loved the boat though.

Happy Paddling billinpa

jettison that Rapidpulse pad (to me it always felt like a wet diaper) in favor of an IR Reggie backband. :wink:

After several years with the boat, in my quest to alleviate sciatica caused by the splay-legged position, I found that the stock seat itself was too shallow and too wide for me to take advantage of all the 700 has to offer. At Franklin’s recommendation, I installed Patrick at Onnopaddle’s contour seat. While it didn’t entirely erase all my sciatica pain, exacerbated I believe by low thigh braces and a narrow keyhole cockpit that kept me locked in, the seat itself was a huge improvement toward boat control. The contoured sides allow you to steer the boat with your hips, important if you’re being tossed around in conditions, while still allowing plenty of room for rotation.

While this may seem extreme if you’re happy with the boat, should you choose to hang on to it, just something to keep in mind down the road. It takes an already excellent boat, and makes it even better.

I cut the bottom
of the gel seat pad/back band that came with the QCC at the line where the seat meets the backband. I threw away the backband portion. It’s perfect as a gel seat pad and I added the WW NSI backband with the posts that keeps it in place low, like just above the seat pan.

that sounds like what I have.


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paddles makes a foot bar with gas peddals that allows you to have your feet braced while in the center of the hull, thinking about getting it.

Will the IR band use the QCC fittings
to attach?

I must be one of the lucky ones,
or as some posssibly might say a “hard a-s”!

I think I could sit on nails and paddle all day long.

I love the 700 seat and seat back, although when I am racing I never use the back.

Nature paddling I use it all day.

My wife has changed the seats and backs out of both of her QCC’s though.



with the seat pad placed properly it is comfortable!

Yes - as is - but it’s better if…
… you drill a new hole lower down and more in the middle of the seat post.

Every Person Is Differant
I added additional padding to the cockpit and thought it was a great install job, LOL. New seating position turned out to cause all sorts of pain so I ripped it all out. Removed the seat and brace and isstalled a custom backbrace and thought it looked great. Did not like it anywhere near as much as the standard.

Happy Paddling,


i dont care for the seat from the factoy

i tried putting a canoe seat in to get some trim and get legs in a more comfortable position{on top of the stock seat] love the height more like my c 1 still not happy i also extended the foot braces out on each side much better

not making much progerss with k 1 YET

i dont care for the seat from the factoy

i tried putting a canoe seat in to get some trim and get legs in a more comfortable position{on top of the stock seat] love the height more like my c 1 still not happy i also extended the foot braces out on each side much better

not making much progerss with k 1 YET