QCC Skeg

I’ve read that QCC has a new skeg system but I have been unable to find a picture of one. Can anyone help me? An email to QCC has produced no results.

they use
they use the sealine rudder as a skeg. Its sping loaded had one for a year with no problems. Just got a new 700 from them that was suspose to have a skeg and they sent me a rudder. I’m going to send it back in the fall for a skeged 700. Unless I decide to start racing than maybe I’ll keep the rudder.

Just out of curiosity…
Do their new ones have the aluminum tracks or the plastic ones?


Email’s hit or miss - just call Phil…
…whenever you have questions.

the new ones have aluminum rails.

I just got mine
and ordered the sealine trim tab (which was designed for rudders) to raise and lower it. It sits on the deck about the 1:00 position in front of the cockpit coaming. Was $50 more but works like a charm.

Trim tab
Installing yourself? There are many options for locating the control. Top dead center, of to either side, same place as the cord cleat was. You can also make it so it turns either way to raise - whichever you prefer or makes more sense. There is also a slot in the pulley wheel that limits the control lever’s travel - I extended it a little to get a little more turn.

I reused the side hole where the cord/cleat was. Only had to enlarge it slightly, add one small screw hole (and reuse another). Hip location actually works well. The new lever is same size or smaller than the old cleat & ball it replaces there - the cable run is shorter - there’s less in the cockpit - and the deck stays clear and hole free. I have the skeg up 90% of the time - and it’s about invisible on the seam.

Since you’re using the trim tab (and I was first to try this) you’ve probably already seen these pictures, but I’ll add the link for anyone with or interested in the QCC skeg that has not seen them.


The trim tab really works fantastically for the spring loaded QCC blade, and nice not to have to mess with anything in the skeg box to do this. The precise control and verifiable position put the cord setup to shame.