QCC skegs?

I read in a previous thread somewhere that some have experienced problems with QCC skegs. A QCC boat is one of the ones I’m considering buying and I was pretty sure I would get it equipped with a skeg, if I decided on QCC. What’s the deal?

Hi fpharris
I have a QCC with the rudder. I’ve had a few issues and Phil at QCC was always there for me. I love their boats and QCC has been great to work with. There is a buddy in the club I belong who has a skeg 500 (QCC). He’s had it for four years and has not had a problem. Our club now has six QCC’s and everybody who has one loves it. They are well built boats and a good value.

Give Phil, at QCC, a call. He is very honest and straightforward. They will also, at no charge, customize your boat. I kayak camp. They moved my forward bulkhead back among other things.

Good luck!


I’ve got a 500
with a skeg, It started leaking a while back, it turned out to be the nut that holds the axle in place. The “push nut” had rusted out and was allowing water in. The folks at QCC were very helpful and talked me through replacing it. They now come with a plastic cup that fits over the axle to prevent leaks.

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Where in North Florida?
My Mom and sister live in Tallahassee and I go down there (from Virginia) every once in a while. I’m not sure I’d haul a kayak all the way down there but it seems like it would be a great place to paddle (Gulf, rivers).

HI fpharris

The club which I belong to is the Florida Sea Kayaking Association, Inc. We are about 130 paddlers strong. Our club is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our website is fska.org (go look at some of your trip reports, they’re a hoot!).

We are VERY active and have at least one paddle a week. We also do a lot of kayak camping and instruction. Ben Lawry of P&H fame has been kind enough to stop what he’s doing and come down and instruct us from time to time.

No need to bring a boat. When you come down next, just let us know. We will supply you with a boat and gear. You can even try a 700, 600 or 500 (QCC).

Email me and I will contact you off line.

Look forward to paddling with you!


i have a QCC 700 with a SKEG and One with a RUDDER… GET the RUDDER!!!

I have a skeg and my wife has a rudder. My skeg works quite well and I wouldn’t trade it for her rudder.

Hi, I know this is an ancient thread but do you (or anyone else) remember what you had to buy and do to fix it?

Winona-based Wenonah Canoe and Current Designs bought out QCC in 2011. They discontinued QCC production several years later, but supposedly will still honor the lifetime warranty. However, there are very few replacement parts still available.

A rudder or skeg can be added to any boat, but it can be a bit of a job. For a skeg, a skeg box must be added along with a skeg control, and for a rudder, rudder pedals must be added. For either cables must be run through the hull.

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Thanks. I’m thinking it’s the same issue dmakley had…the axle area. Will call them tomorrow but don’t have a lot of hope unless they are similar to the CD skegs. Just hoping I can fix with local hardware even.