QCC stress fracture...

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My bike rack was whacked in a parking lot by a transport truck today while I was off riding a motorcycle-this is what I get for leaving my baby! The impact screwed up my right rear shock,broke my right factory rail, and broke my front horizontal rail! Also have a stress fracture on the side of my QCC hull!!! It is not cracked right through and I was wondering...do you guys think duct tape will hold her together for my vacation or do you think I should leave her home? The crack is about 3 inches long. I am very p*ssed off right now-I refuse to cancel this vacation due to some lame driver ruining my rack! I may only be able to take my Trigger for the ww course!...

Depending on how bad the fracture is.
You should be able to shore up your boat by a layer or 2 of fiberglass on the inside of your hull.

If it’s just a gelcoat crack
and nothing else it won’t hurt a thing. Most (but not all) gel cracks are nothing more than cosmetic. Post a photo of the crack so we can see it. Most gel cracks or “spider” cracks are harmless. Seal it with crazy glue and go.

Call me and i will help diagnose
and walk you through any repairs.

Maybe Just A Gel Coat Crack
if it doesn’t go all the way through and you don’t see any visible fiberglass. If you want to be sure and to reinforce the crack for the vacation, work open the crack a little bit and work some epoxy into it to stop it from further damage while you’re using it. Fiberglass hulls are generally layers of glass and epoxy anyway with a final gelcoat cover. You can give it a cosmetic gelcoat repair later. West Marine and similar stores have to gelcoat repair kits with coloring agents. It may come close to the color of the hull.


Hey Linda
I dropped my QCC off the top of my Ford 4 x 4 pickup last Feb, and it took a chunk of the gel coat about a inch wide and four inches long off the bow below the water line.

It was bare right to the kevlar fabric.

If yours is like that, just get some two part marine epoxy, (the stuff that comes in two tubes from your local hardware).

Follow the directions, and then when it is hard use some auto spray paint that matches your hull color. You can get the cans at any auto supply store.

I got this method from Phil, and it still is holding up as good as the day I did it.



That sucks

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I hope the company that did that is paying for the damages!! while I was "On vacation" a few years ago I stopped at "Brevard NC to do the tourist thing with the wife, i chose a very deep parking spot so my Qcc wouldnt stick out to far. well as I was walking down the sidewalk toward my truck, I saw a UPS truck parked down the road, as he was driving off I watched him veer to the right suddenly and wack the rudder of my QCC. It bent the hinge pin. They paid me the price of a new rudder. I have no idea why the truck did that, I am guessing he dropped his cell phone or something.. He wouldn’t say, even though I saw the whole thing.

He whacked my bike rack
which shifted my car severely also ruining a rear shock-the front horizontal bar didn’t survive because a holder piece is broken through- my QCC’s weight maybe caused the right rail to crack right through as it WAS tied down securely…the jolt cause the fracture in the QCC- no other part of my car was hit- we found red light pieces on the ground and a small piece in the rubber on my bike rack.My bike rack is useable but it’s shifted-crooked…we also found a red light from the guy’s truck sitting on his fender-his fender had a nice couple of gouges on it in about the area where it contacted with my bike rack.

Rotten Luck, Linda!
You have my sympathy, Linda. I hope you get all the damages worked out in your favor!

Ya it’s all coming out of my pocket!
I found rails and crossbars for my car(used) they don’t make them anymore, so I hope I don’t need anymore roof rack stuff for the life of this car! Insurance sure is a ripoff but required by law so…I might try to fix the crack solo when I get back from vacation, but do you think duct tape will do for now? It’s not all the way through.