QCC Thigh Braces

If one of you kind QCC owners could find it in your heart to snap a few pictures of stock QCC thigh braces, I would be eternally gratefull.

I’m ready to form some of my own and would love to see some detailed photos of a boat with them installed from QCC. I’ve never had the benefit of seeing a boat with them and I’d like to get some ideas on how they come from QCC. From the top and from the inside of the cockpit.

If someone has some pics or could snap a few, I’d be gratefull. Thanks!

Sounds like they’re not what you think…

Viewed from above:


An angled closeup (I added the 1/2 pad underneath):


Fast response!


Have anything from inside the cockpit looking up?

What did you gain from moving the seat forward?

From the looks of it, in my boat (with the stock seat position) my knees would contact the brace and not really the thigh. Is this the idea? I would think minicell with no glass re-enforcement would bend up with pressure from the knee/thigh.

Seat move…
… I’d caution against. Mine is a second generation 700 that has the cockpit 3" aft of the current ones. That means my seat now sits in the same place as on new ones, but my coaming is 3" further back. That get me more ahead of the rear coaming edge and lets me get a better layback for rolling. It also get the braces farther back on my thighs. Would work for everyone and I don’t think I’d do it on a new one as the seat position is good (even though the original was 5" further forward still).

No underside brace pictures, but there is nothing to see. No real hook or anything.