Been away from the forum for a while. Just tried going to QCC’s website and see they no longer take orders. Sent them an email with no response. Are they out of business?

no longer
ordering direct ? buy from dealer ?

bought QCC a few years ago, and my understanding is that there are a number of dealers mostly in the Minnesota and Wisconsin (see the “Try and Buy” section of their website) who will sell them.

They were bought out by Wenonah
So they are sold through Wenonah dealers. Contact one.

Search wenonah crrent designs QCC

cheerful !

try that search in Google Maps for your area.

Try and Buy
When I enter my info, there are a number of dealers that show up and when you visit there websites, and search QCC nothing is found. REI is one of them.

for a response

call current designs they will tell you where to go

any CD Dealer can sell them
though I’m not too sure how many stock them. Find the nearest CD shop and ask them about pricing and availability.

probably near zero stock them

eureka !