QCC700, replaced seat with NSI backband!

So I was getting some mid/upper back tension using the stock QCC seat due to the seatback straps slowly loosening on a 5-10 mile paddle resulting in me hunching over as the seat back moved towards the stern. Switched to a NSI backband and was amazed at what a difference it made. 1) the NSI backband mounts and stays in place using just the seat pillar supports so it is easy to get to anything you have stored behind the seat (do not need to use the vertical supports they give you); 2) the NSI backband does not loosen up, away went my upper back tension!, and it is a constant reminder to sit straight; 3) By removing the stock QCC seat and just using the NSI backband I am sititng lower in the QCC (no seat pad) and it really makes the kayak noticably more stable for me (I am 6’, 190 lbs).

What took you so long?
There are dozens of posts here saying much the same thing. Many paddlers have happily swapped the sloppy sling seat out for a decent backband.

Hopefully you got the smallest/narrowest WW style NSI - not the tall one or one of the “anatomic” versions (maybe OK, just not optimal). Personally, Ive been very happy with an IR Reggie.

Well I have had it for ~3 months
and just thought I would get back to everyone now. I asked about this topic last year and got a lot of replies including someone who said that in the end they went “back to” the QCC stock sling seat after trying the backband!

I actually went to the backband because I learned how to roll and the sling seat would loosen up and allow my lower back to hit the cockpit rim (that hurt). It was only after using the backband that I realized the sling seat was also responsible for the tension in my upper back.

re: NSI backband style
I was describing the anatomic NSI backband, and as I mentioned you do not need the vertical straps shown in the picture at the below NSI web site.


Be careful doing that
Glad it worked for you but it didn’t work for my wife. Sitting on the bare stock QCC seat put her legs to sleep. When I replaced the seat pad everything was fine.

That did it for me in terms of comfort. The anatomical ww band is perfect and the plunger style lumbar support is not needed. Mine has it and I never use it. I did keep the vertical posts and drilled them to the stock seat with self tapping ss screws. I like the band not to move and without the posts I have to adjust it by hand before putting on the spray skirt.

The left over seatback and pad that came with my QCC was converted to just a seat pad by cutting the back portion off. It’s nice and comfy now!