QCC700X camp/ kayak

Can anyone argue a better camping kayak ( 2 week duration) for Florida especially with the current sale. $2,400.00 gets you a new boat.


I’ve done 4 and six day trips
I always had room to spare even when I take way to much stuff. Tie a string to the first item pushed into the bow/stern then you can pull out it and a couple items in front of it.



It’s all relative
Buy it if you like how it paddles, I wouldn’t get hung on the volume itself. I learned soon that a medium-small volume kayak can carry everything I need in a camping trip.

There are tons of boats on the market that can hold the kitchen sink and more but don’t forget you will be the engine, the heavier the load… you get the picture.

if by kayak you mean a paddle machine then it’s probably a great boat.

But if you want to have fun and be able to kayak (not just paddle) then there are better sea kayaks around.

Maybe one that will take some surf with grace?

One that if landed on rocks will stay together?


Q700X camp/ kayak
I’m 200lbs and looking at another 100lbs for the rest. Need to paddle 20 miles a day on coastal trips in remote areas. Will carry alot of water. My Explorer is on the slow side when loaded.


Seems to me…
… if you truly surfed with grace you wouldn’t end up on the rocks!

Also sounds like another opinion based on zero QCC 700 paddling.

Lots of good kayaks out there, and even more misunderstanding and misinformation about them.

Well that depends.

I’ve done trips a lot longer than 2 weeks in a smaller kayak so I can’t compare them but if you want to send me one I’d do a two week trip and send you a lengthy report but please just send me the 400 which would make my day. I don’t need a semi.

Paddlin’ on


I have never done a two week one
out of mine, but it has tons of room for all of the week long ones that I have done.

Also it has large compartment covers which makes for ease of loading.

We use the method that someone above posted, about tying a line to the small stuff and then just pushing it way up in the bow.

Not sure about all the weight of that water though for 14 days ?



Kayak camping
Our club does six expedition camping trips a year around the southeast. Our trips are open water trips up/down the coast or to out lying islands. The 700 is a great open water boat. Never camped for two weeks. Most four or five day trips. I carry a gallon of water per day, way more food than I need, a four man tent, a full chair with arms, a full sized aluminum table and stuff. Lots of stuff, I guess over one hundred pounds worth. When I had my 700 built, one of the thinks I asked (they did for free happily) was move my forward bulkhead rearward making more storage room in the boat. I think the 700 is an awesome long distance camping boat. It’s still fast with lots of weight, just takes a little longer to get it going.


i can think of one that’s just as good, if you want to trade speed for comfort. The tarpon 160 is a great camping boat, and the older ones have HUGE hatches. and because its a sot you have tons of room to stretch out for those long trips. Unfortunately WS chose to make the newer T-160s more into a Fishing/ diving platform with the elimination of the rear hatch in favor of a tank well.