QCC700X weigth in front hatch and speed

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So my QCC700X is just great, the more I use it the more I realize what a great all around kayak it is!

And have a question for 700 owners; if I take it out without any "extra" gear in it the bow is slightly "up" (I weight 190 lb), and if I put my kermit chair in the front hatch, up against the bulkhead, the bow is more level (chair weighs ~5 lbs). The bow being slightly "up" versus more "level" is how I perceive the bow from the cockpit. Do not have a GPS to test my speed, and so wondering if anyone would know if the kayak will be faster one way or the other.

Not Sure I Could Tell
Five pounds is not very much and I am not sure I would be able to tell any differance that plus or minus 5lbs would make. Generally speaking you have to add work to move weight and if you are not adding work then the speed would be slower. On the other hand, five pounds becomes close to insignificant in relation to boat, paddler, gear, and anything else you are carring. Maybe some of the real racers will have a differant perspective.

Yes, I agree, I am pretty happy with the ability of the 700 to be very good at a lot of differant things.

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Intended Load
There’s been quite of bit of chat in the past about the intended load the 700 was designed for. Many feel that the boat was designed with a heavy load in mind to take advantage of maximum LWL. When I race point to point events, I usually take a change of clothes, sandals, wallet, keys, spare water bottle, etc. in a dry bag in the front hatch, to change into at race finish. That said, I don’t notice much difference loaded or unloaded with that payload, which probably amounts to about 5 lbs. I weigh in at 198 lbs., 6’1", and often wish my Q-Tip had far less volume, as I don’t ‘sit’ it completely in the water, even at this bodyweight.

Good perspective
So given that QCC has moved the seat around, do you know where the front of your seat is in relation to to the bow? In mine the front of the seat to the bow measures 9’. It seems the 5 lb is just enough to “tip” the boat forward and lower the bow. Feel likes my bow is more in the water with the 5 lb in the front, just not sure if that makes me any faster!

5pounds X _ feet forward of CB is a
closer representation of ‘gyroscopic’ weight in boat and its effects. This is why kayaks should come w/ adjustable seats.

Different Seat
I have Patrick’s (Onnopaddle) seat in mine, after experiencing terrible leg numbness issues with the stock arrangement, mainly due to a combination of ex-cyclist thighs, narrow keyhole cockpit, and the inability to pop my knees out for relief-wedged into a splay-legged stance.

I did move Patrick’s seat about an inch and a half forward, but since I didn’t compare the new vs. old seat lengths, can’t give you an exact dimension. Did this mainly to give me a little more room off the rear coaming. What I like about Patrick’s seat is since it’s a wraparound ‘chair’ style, the sides allow for a finer degree of edging control while not encroaching upon torso rotation; feel the diference in chop and confused seas, and the boat feels even more confidence reassuring in a following sea. Surfs, surfs, surfs. As to the speed difference, can’t say the move has translated into forward velocity by virtue of this alone-oh, I wish that were the case. :wink:

A thought (if you want to get technical)
First if you are looking for speed, your boat should be trim.

What the canoe racers do and you can do also is:

Put your QCC on a perfectly level surface or floating in the water with no weight in it.

Then put a mark (we use a piece of tape) a few inces above the water line on one side of the bow and the stern. Make sure the tape on each end is the same distance up from the water line.

Then put your chair or whatever in the compartment, and get in the boat, and have some one eyeball from the side weather you are up or down in the front.

If you are close to level you theoratically should get your best speed. If you are way out of level you should make some adjustment. Bow light would be better than bow heavy.

Now that I have said all this, I probably should try it with my 700.

We always just throw the junk in whatever compartment we are standing close to, unless we are racing in which case the only extra that I carry is the car key (ounces).



Thanks for clarifying

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I will give that a try. Was not sure if the boat with nothing in it was supposed to be at the same "level" as when properly loaded.

And Jackl,
When racing do you carry water, and if so how much and where do you put it? Wondering if the 50-80oz water bladder behind my seat is a good idea.

I keep the bladder…

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right on the floor between my legs.
I just run the tube up the front of me, and I have a stiff neck holder with a piece of velcro that lets a small piece of velcro near the mouth piece attach to it.
I have a bend in the mouth portion of the tube so it is positioned tight at my mouth. - Never miss a paddling stroke that way.
If it is rough water and I need a skirt, I run the tube under the PFD.
You can get the neck holdes and the tube connecting piece from J & J Canoes up in NY.


thanks for the info.

jack hit it right on trim the boat and paddle. try different trim [bow low higher] in 2 or 3 locations remenber water depth will vary speed so use the same course and weather conditions