qcckayak questions 700x

Not for the sake of the fame because there is little to be praised for -

im a soldier currently serving in iraq, and with such burdens also weigh considerable benefits.

Ive been eyeballing qcc kayaks for upwards of 2 years with complete intent of purchasing one, once i was able to afford it. Now such an opportunity affords itself. In particular ive been considering buying a q700x, well i should say ive already put a down payment on one so it would be paid for and ready by the time i made it back for leave. I only have one question/worry, and that is how well will the q700x fit me. I am 6’1" somewhere around 210lbs 37" waist size 12 shoes in most US sizes, and i am unsure whether or not i should look into the q500 instead. When it comes to kayaks im all about speed, and this is my first real for real touring kayak. I just want to know if anyone of similar size/shape has one and how well it fits them and whether or not i ought to look into the 500 instead before i come home and find an uncomfortably tight fitting kayak.

Well let’s put it this way…
You didn’t buy the 600 and that was wise since it’s for smaller paddlers. I would say judging from others’ responses on the board that you picked a winner for your model choice! Hope your kayaking dreams get you through the mess over there! You’ll surely enjoy the peace you get from your new yak when you get back-it’ll put the biggest grin on your face that you can ever imagine! Good luck and come back home in good health!Merry Xmas BTW!

I Am…
6’ 230lbs,40 waist,and size 12 shoes,and I fit fine in my 700. I even had a bigger guy in my 700 but it was a tight fit.I also have a 500,and it is plenty roomy. The 500 is so roomy I can’t roll it,because I fall out with out crossing my legs and wedging myself in. I have not outfitted the 500. The 700 fits me like a glove,and I really don’t have to do anything to stay in the cockpit during a roll,it too is not outfitted. I do not have thigh braces in either one,because I can’t stand them digging into my legs. You should fit fine,and may need a little outfitting if you want to be snug in the 700. Welcome to the “cult”,and may the force be with you.

Happy Paddling billinpa

right on
that is at least 97% encouraging.

The other 3% is the notional worry of how those haphazard freight carrying mutants will treat the yak and accessories through shipment.

I was once one of those mutants.

yeah kayaks! \m/

is no small feller -and he LOVES his 700. I believe he goes around 6-4/240, MUST have 12s to hold all THAT up, and I will NOT venture w waist (waste?) size for the gentleman, as I’ve not -yet -had the proveledge of meeting the man.

But I do believe that he’d be among the first to tell you the 700 is a good boat for you to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

QCC 700
I’m right at 6 ft, 190 lbs, size 36 waist, and wear a size 10 shoe. Not quite your size in the feet but close! I have owned a 500 and presently own a 700.

You should have no problem fitting into or paddling a QCC 700. I personally know and have paddled with billinpa who answered you above, and swedge, who Scupperfrank mentioned and can confirm that both fit well inside the 700 and enjoy paddling their 700’s. As with billinpa, my 700 fits me well with no additional padding, except I did swap out the factory seat for a backband. I also enjoyed paddling my 500, but sold it because I wanted a kayak with a lower deck that would be easier to learn/develop my paddling skills.

One great thing about the QCC’s is when you get your kayak, take advantage of their 30 day trial. Paddle it as much as you can, and if you don’t like it, or want to exchange it for a 500, you shouldn’t have a problem!

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the freight damage issue. When I picked my kayak up, I unboxed/unwrapped it right there in a loading bay. With the night terminal manager and a couple of forklift drivers watching, I went over every inch of the outside and also removed the hatches and looked inside with a flashlight(hold your breath!!) I found no problems and took the boat and box home, but if you did find damage, note it on the bill of lading, tell the terminal manager, and refuse delivery of the kayak. Call QCC and let them know and they will take care of everything from there. They will immediatley begin building you a new kayak to replace the damaged one. Or they may want you to pick up the damaged one and allow you to paddle it (if it can be) until they build and ship you a replacement.

On a different note, thank you for serving in Iraq. While you may not hear it often, there are those of us here in the USA that think of all of the American service personnel stationed away from home each and every day, and please know that you and your fellow servicemen/women are in my family’s prayers. God Bless you!


Q700 faster than the Q500…
… I paddled one afternoon with “Billinpa” and he let me try his Q500. I was paddling my butt off, and could not keep up with him in his Q700 when he really poured on the coals. If you are interested in speed, go for the Q700.

… The Q500 is a large volume boat. I don’t think you will need that much room. I am 5-10, and weigh 270 Lb.(42 waist, 2X T-Shirt) I fit in the cockpit of the Q700, but it was snug.

…One of these days I might get up the courage to ask him if I can try paddling his Q700… That is when the weather gets a little warmer. :slight_smile:

PS - Thanks from me too for your service in Iraq. My service in the Army was nothing compared to what you are doing for all of us. May God be with you, and bring you home TO PADDLE ON!!

we have similar weight and size
and the 700 fits me quite well. I know of two 500 owners who sold them in order to get a 700. It sounds like you made the right choice. The 700 is fast and is a well respected kayak, especially round these parts…

I am 6’3" size 12.5 feet, waste 38" it fits me fine. My only complaint is I wish the cockpit could be made a few inches longer, so I could lift a leg up occasionally. You will have no problems fitting in it… BTW all the QCC cockpits are the same size so switching boats wont help any…

you guys made my day.

Cockpit length
I agree a longer cockpit would be nice but not a must, the width wraps around my thighs quite nicely making a good snug fit. Im 5’ 07" 240 # and fit the 700 quite nicely without additional thigh or hip padding. I could use maybe a 1/4 inch padding in the thigh area but overall a good feel. Deck is quite high and will accomodate a paddler with feet of size.