QCC's at west coast symposium?

they weren’t there last year, my first in attendance.

maybe their distribution and marketing approach doesn’t lend itself to the usual shows.

i’ve still never seen one of these kayaks, if anyone out there is intending to attend the WCSKS in Port Townsend and has a 700, it would be awesome to hook up and check this bad boy out.

Contact QCC
I think they can tell you if someone in your area has one and is willing to show or try theirs.

called them, no luck
no they won’t be there. with their money back guarantee, they are not interested in shows or mktg. in a way i kind of understand that, but all i want to do is demo one not buy.

any QCC 700 owners want to come show off your baby at the symposium, i’d like to meet you.

I spotted my first QCC
Just a couple weeks ago on Lake Washington watching the Blue Angels perform. I was thinking that I have never seen a QCC kayak out here and there they were. I did not talk with the owners, but wondered a little aobut these.

Kind of funny, I’d say that Western Washington likely has more kayaks per square mile than any other location, but I could be wrong on that.

Think about who puts symposiums on
It’s the dealers, distributors and manufactures.

QCC doesn’t have dealers or distributors so they are not invited to participate.

Did you ask about local owners?
That was the point of the suggestion above, as most know QCC being a direct seller/online business does not have reps to do the shows, etc.

If you only asked about the show - they naturally can’t help you, but they are usually happy to point you to someone who has one in you’re area, if there is someone, and if they’re willing. If they have a customer and don’t know if they want to be bothered, they will often call the owners and ask for you, then pass on the contact info if OK. If had a few people call me like this.

maybe but not likely the reason
i don’t think the organizers have these kinds of biases, its a matter of registering and paying the fees to present your product.

and a healthy fee it is when it’s all said and done. when a manufacturer ‘shows’ at a sympo or event it’s VERY expensive marketing. figure the travel time to/from the event, hotel/camping/food/ booth or beach space, the man power to have people who can answer questions, adjust foot pegs, set up boats, etc. brochures, demo fleet expenses, etc. I magine just for a minute that you have the job of cleaning ALL the demo fleet after a sympo in a sandy (go figure) enviro. this is hosing out the TONS of sand jammed into the footpegs of each and every boat. been there/done that.

marketing 101. quite valuable IMO (and Confluences and MANY others) not worth it for many. oilwell.


If you get desperate
I have an acquaintance here in Bellingham that has one. If you ever want to take the foot ferry to B’ham, email and maybe I can arrange a demo. Come over for a wednesday night race and maybe you can demo it on the 4 mile course. Sorry, I don’t know which one he has but he beat me in my Seda Glider a couple years ago in Ski to Sea.

By the way, I love Victoria. Nice city. Took the folks over via the foot ferry and saw Orcas on the way there and the way back. Got pictures of the rare double breach. Great ferry ride.

that’s what i’m hoping for!
didn’t want to ask straight out, but i do hope some QCC owners out there see this and offer. so many paddlers there, and many like to bring their own boats and show them around anyways, i would half expect that someone would have a QCC.

doesn’t seem like there’s many out here, certainly not in BC. getting them into Canada would be a bitch. must be more around WA waters, but not sure there’s that interest in the PNW for those boats.

if i don’t come across one, i will look you up Stern squirt and go from there.