Qeust LV

My boss has told me P&H is coming out with a Quest LV and we didnt have any specs or pics of it as of yet. Does anyone know anything about this boat?

just saw it
I’ll try to get some specs to follow, but I just sat in the boat in Madison/Canoecopia and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome boat. I think they just sold the floor model today.


how much lv?
how much lower volume did it seem?

Here’s some information …
I stumbled on from local dealers web page:


“The P & H Quest LV kayak is the same length as the original Quest but is approximately three quarters of an inch narrower than the Quest, giving it superior speed and balance. It is designed for the lighter paddler in mind and is a similar fit in the cockpit section as the 163/161 but is also suitable for the larger paddler, who does not need the loading capacity of the Quest. In terms of the design characteristics the front foredeck has been lowered to minimise windage and the bow has been widened to prevent diving and give a freer ride on a following sea. The front bulkhead has been moved closer to the cockpit to increase storage capacity compared to standard boats.”


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I love you, been dying to find out anything about it, you are my hero.

puts it in size/volume range
These measures seem to put the Quest LV in line with the Explorer, Aquanaut and Nordkapp LV as expedition length Brit boats that do not need to be heavily loaded to perform well.

So you’re saying…
…it’s just another average sea kayak? WOW! That’s something to get excited about! L

Sorry - I’m just seeing a lot of “new & improved” designs coming out that are OK, but are breaking absolutely ZERO new ground.

I saw the P&H 161
In lee’s the other day, and for a brit kayak it is

small. I think it is probably almost as small as a Vela.

I also think a P&H LV Quest is a great idea. Despite the kitchiness, (everyone is doing LV) it’s the new black of kayaking, the quest is a great hull in my opinion and I’d like to see how a smaller one behaved.

But really a smaller bahiya would be very very interesting.

P&H, does really nice glass work. There are still some things I think Valley could do like P&H.

I know some of the contingent here get a bit jaded about new products because they have three or four kayaks, and maybe built, 1. So after that nothing much seems to get their blood boiling.

Different and therefor new
Each boat has its own personality. I’m curious to try the new LV versions of some very good designs (Quest, Nordkapp, Aquanaut, etc…)

Rockpool has an innovative approach (for sea kayaks) that allows the paddler to sit in a position very close to that of racing.

Skim boats have incorporated a number of innovations that are sensible and likely influenced by custom design boats.

As far as hulls, each small innovation makes a difference. My favorite recent trand is the beam being greatest above the waterline (Outer Island, Aquanaut, et al) which allows for a narrow waterline with increased firm secondary.

Below the waterline it seems every tweak or change affects the boat’s performance. Practical radically different hull designs are likely exceedingly rare.

The “Latest” And “Greatest”

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that's what's happening over SZ. Almost entirely based on tweaking of some existing design. Of course, it will affect some performance characteristics but if it comes down to personal perference of what one wants in the boat in the type of conditions one likes to paddle in, then the "latest" and "greatest" are just hyperboles.

However, if someone truly comes out with a LV boat, in the 16-17.5' range, for a smaller paddler, than I would say that is something to be welcomed. Never heard of the PH 161. Guess I'll keep an eye out.


it is a capella 16 1

Googled it. Still looks kinda big for me…

Wish someone would bring that Japanese boat over so us little folk so we will stop whining…

Well, actually, I haven’t whined too much recently about it. Apathy has sort of set in.


at the Rumour…being made be CD

sleek and small

best wishes


Same hull chopped down would

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'narrow' the overall width..... so mid volume hull now becomes LOW ?

To me low volume means smaller and designed for lighter paddlers, not simply copiing one down and re-packaging it.

"It is designed for the lighter paddler in mind and is a similar fit in the cockpit section as the 163/161 but >>>>>> is also suitable for the larger paddler"

Sorry, tired of being on vacation and want to get back to the Mermaid.

“Rockpool has an innovative approach (for sea kayaks) that allows the paddler to sit in a position very close to that of racing.”

Isn’t that exactly what Kirton and Nelo has been doing with the Inuk for a decade?

I think the most interesting “new” boat is the Rumour. In case it rivals the Japanase Qaanaaq 512 for rolling - it could be very interesting. Especially if the Rumour doesn’t weathercock as badly as Q 512.