Quality product recommendations

I believe in buying quality products. I don’t mind spending a few extra $$ on a product that is highly recommended by this forum or from friends. The Rollerloader, Malone J racks, Hurrican Kayaks, just to name a few. Please tell us about other quality products that you have purchased in the past. Products that get the “most bang for the buck”. Thanks in advance for the advice.


us=people on this site

A few
Lotus Sea Sherman PFD

NRS Extreme Drysuit

Valley Kayaks my Nordkapp is about 22 years old

certain that is what the reviews are 4…

Onno Paddles
Best paddle for the money

Astral PFDs — good stuff

NRS Hydroskin -"

O’ Neil wetsuits - "

I would second
the Onnopaddles. Also the Palm Stikine drysuit. Garmin Legend GPS.