Quality SOT suggestions

Anyone have a suggestion for a good SOT with good handling and preferable with good moving water characteristics? Maybe even a ww rating? I’m considering a second boat to my Traverse 10. I just want something fun, jump on and go, but a quality boat, not a pool toy. I’m not into fishing, but prefer something comfy.

I need a seat wider than the Jackson riviera since its too narrow for me. As a reference, Most WW kayaks I couldn’t fit in either since the cockpit was too narrow. I know I couldn’t fit into the dagger or pyranha whitewater boats.The Jackson karma L/Traverse 10 cockpit is the only one I found I could fit.

I’ve seen a little about the dagger roam, the pyranha fusion SOT and the LL coupe but was trying to find more info and first hand experience with them, or other quality SOT’s.

just Do It Now!
fully ww capable- made by fluid


not thinkin’ fluid is marketing and
selling in the us right now but you could place a want to buy ad on boater talk and see if you get any bites

Do It Now is a better ww boat than LLcoup- the latter lacks handling and turning found in the Do It Now, both require quite a bit of balance, you’re sitting up higher on a sot than a traditional ww kayak. They do make big boy ww kayaks. My xp10 (crossover) is massive and ww capable. My large shiva (creek boat) is pretty big also.

might consider a god quality inflatable. I’m hooked on ww and here in N. California, I run with either my Saturn Ocean Pro at 13’8" with it’s drop stitch raised floor and built in scuppers or for more technical stuff my shorter 12’ Saturn BK365. We ride down our Middle, North, and South Fork of the American River and it’s ww heaven with lots of Class II/III stuff. The Ocean Pro has gone down about 10 times with absolutely no issues and since the 12’ is new this spring, it’s gone down 3x and handles well. Headed for the Merced river next week and the Trinity after that. Bang for the buck with excellent quality…can’t go wrong.



PM me for a video if you want to see them in action. Maybe the files are too big though so I’ll see what I can get on youtube or vimeo.

I want a god quality inflatible!

and it come’s with a statue and pendant of St Christopher for added safety too!

you have to pass the ACA test first

Got a Pyranha Fusion SOT that overall is doing very well. However the backband needs some serious improvement. Its no where near as comfortable of a fitting as my Jacksons.

Try the Perception Tribe 9.5, perfect boat for what you described.