Quebec kayak trips?

Hi-- my wife and I will be in Quebec, staying at Mt.St.Anne in August. We’re planning on cartopping our two Pungos (Pungi?).

Can anyone recommend some good shortish trips for these rec kayaks? How is the St. Lawrence? If it’s good, where can we put in (take out same place)? Other rivers? Lakes? Thanks.

bumping it up the list…

Please, advice wanted!

The Saguenay River
at the mouth of the St.Lawrence for whale watching in August!Perfect timing but dress warm! If you’re not campers you can stay at the quaint Hotel Tadoussac in Tadoussac. There are fijords there,tides and its beautiful country! Check it out on a map and the net.

St Lawrence at Quebec
I be very cautious about taking the Pungos out in the St. Lawrence. And I second Linda’s suggestion of Saguneay if you get that far up the North Shore.

If you’re staying put in the general Mt. St. Anne - Quebec City area you might want to check out some of the info on this web site:

You might want to check with the proprieters where you are staying - they maybe able to help.

I recently returned from Quebec .
I have only driven through the Quebec City area on the way to kayaking on the Saguenay, Lac St. Jean, the north shore area, and the Forillon area of the bay of Gaspe.

I find that the Canadian government websites are the most useful until I can talk to the locals.

This website has kayaking information.

With the current, the tides and the wind the water on the St. Lawrence can get pretty rough. My vacations to Quebec have always been in late May and June and the water temperature in the areas that I kayak are in the low to high 40’s - I don’t know what it is in August.

I definitely recommend visiting the Saguenay fjord and Tadoussac if you have the time. The scenery is gorgeous, and you see whales too! There are several kayak outfitters in the area that can give you good information as well as tours. My favorite village on the Saguenay is L’Anse St. Jean.

A few years ago, I spent one night on the Isle aux Coudres, which isn’t too far from the area where you are staying. It is a nice ferry ride to and from the island. You can kayak along the island.

The only problem my husband and I have with Quebec and the St. Lawrence area is that we want to stay all summer.

I also forgot to say that
I don’t think the St.Lawrence is a good place for Pungos either-you should think about using seakayaks if you’re gonna do that kind of water and I would be inclined to stay closer to shore, but then that’s me…