Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Trip Video

Well thought I’d share with you a trip report of some good spring tripping in Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park here in Ontario. Love the area and you really don’t see anybody there. The routes there are pretty unknown despite being only an hour and a bit away from Toronto.

I’ve done up a trip report/area showcase video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVubYkpfHxA

Hope you enjoy and happy paddling.

We’ve got a few other trips uploaded too if you’re interested.

good route
nice video…well done. good editing, camera angles, and music. never heard of the place.


Very nice TR!

Helpful video - also FB page
Join the FB group to help encourage activity in Queen Elizabeth Wildlands.


Queen E II
Thanks for putting the work into the video. It is truly a hidden jem in Ont. It is also hard to find enough info on the Park. Did you stumble into Langford twp at all?