Quessy Canoes?

Anybody ever hear of Quessy? Are they any good?

Found a 17’ Quessy fiberglass (model unknown) for $275 and just want it for knocking around the local pond.

Quebec mfr

Hopefully this takes you to the English translation.

Dont see them much here.

Their line looks good. Of course I do
not like raised ribs as stiffeners, but for lake boats they are OK. Their weights are realistic, and the “glass” boats weigh about what they should.

It is funny that they haven’t been discussed on myccr. Perhaps the English/French cultural gap is greater than I thought.

Not cultural or else noone would have heard of Esquif either. Weak marketing even within Quebec.

Looks like a Langford. Or one of these: http://www.yukoncanoe.net

compare the
Yukon Opeongo and the Langford Muskoka.

Yukon Bonaventure and Langford Nahanni.


Well we may know who makes Langford canoes!

fabrique en Quebec
I’ve spoken with some Quebec guys who say they’ve been making hulls for Langford for a long time.

I kind of figured that out
but not till now!

Kind of explains the ignorance of a
reply I got from Langford about how much the gunwales of a certain model could be pulled in. The person answering sounded like he had never laid up a composite in his life.